Hampstead MM or Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. Hi guy!! I have just started my LV obsession after purchasing the Trevi PM. Now I want a shoulder bag for everyday use. I have decided either to get the Hampstead MM or the BH. I love the tag on the Hampstead and how classy it looks but I heard that it is a bit heavy whereas the BH is lighter and more casual. Which one do you prefer?
  2. Congrats for the trevi PM! it's a gorgeous bag!

    if you ask me, i'd get the Hampstead MM just because I HATE CANVAS LININGS with mucho passion lol, so although I own the BH and it is great bag, I'd go for the Hampstead, plus I'm more into subtle bags nowadays....

    Ultimately it depends on your preference of mono or damier, but you can't go wrong with either bag :yes:
  3. Hampstead!
  4. Thanks for your input guys. I agree I like the hampstead better in terms of design. I have been waitlisted for it since the LV stores are out of stock at the moment for christmas. Can't wait for the hampstead to arrive.
  5. Hampstead- I think it is a beautiful bag. The Batignolles is nice but I think the Hampstead is so much more luxurious and has no vachetta!
  6. I vote for the BH. I have bought it, and I love it. I have seen the Hampstead MM too, and I find it too heavy and what I hate is the stiff bottom of the Hampstead. I can't wear it under my arm, because it's a large and stiff bottom. That's why I have bought the BH. I like the shape of the HS but it isn't comfortable to wear.
  7. so much more into the bh, plus, its comfortable and always look great with everything
  8. bh. this is a pretty, super functional bag. and comfy.
  9. Hampstead!:tup: I use this for my work bag and it's great. I don't find it heavy at all ( and I usually walk to and from work). It will fit so much and is very durable.
  10. Since you already have a mono bag, I say go for the hampstead
  11. The BH seems a little more nicer looking to me.
  12. hamstead!
  13. hampstead is a very beautiful bag and no vachetta to worry about!
  14. i prefer the BH over hampsteadMM

  15. ^^^^ Agreed! :tup: