hampstead mm,gm vs saleya mm

  1. pls help me decide what i gonna choose. I want to buy a bag for me to go to college but i can't decide between saleya mm and hampstead(i can't decide too between mm and gm)thanks a lot for your opinions and advises
  2. I have the Hampstead MM and it would definately hold alot of stuff (notebook, couple of books). But, if you want more security, you would probably be better off with a Saleya MM since it has a zipper. (But, not sure how much the Saleya MM could hold....)

    Good luck!
  3. in terms of the shape, i prefer the saleya by far. the saleya mm is quite roomy.
  4. I have the salayea PM and I really want a hampstead MM. I think you should try them on before you decide, they look totally different on!
  5. I think Saleya PM is much more better especially in Azur. Personally, I never think Hampstead is a nice bag. Looks a bit old to me.