Hampstead in Azur????

  1. Anyone know if the Hampstead will be made in Azur??? I love it in reg. Damier:love: ...but was wondering if Azur will be available as well. :shrugs:

    Any info from your SA, etc.??

    TIA!!!! :yes:
  2. hmm. good question, sorry im no help
  3. No Azur yet, just Ebene at initial release.
  4. ^ Thx Karman ;)
  5. maybe it will happen though.
  6. Hi! I just found out today azur hampstead WILL be available in Nov/Dec!!!
  7. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  8. yes, saw the hampstead azur in the lookbook today for lated this year. neverful azur slated for jan '08.
  9. Yes it is being released in azur! I saw it in the look book! Cant remember dates though, sorry xx looks nice!
  10. Did you see any other new Azur styles? I'm anxiously awaiting more choices.