hampstead hampstead here i come!

  1. if im successful with my 2nd round of job interviews on tuesday, i'll getcha!!!!!!!! :yahoo:the new company (if hired) will be right opposite SCP!

    bonne chance to moi!!!!

  2. Good luck!!! I want hampstead too or may be sporty..
  3. I hope you get it!!:nuts: I really like the Hampstead, what size are you thinking of? I thought the MM might be big enough for my needs.
  4. Good luck, the Hapstead is lovely.
  5. Good Luck!
  6. AWW...good luck rensky! hope you get it! you can give us advance details on everything gotta do with LV!
  7. ^^^ thanks u all!!!

    i want a PM! glad i heard the news right before i was going to ask for an SO batignolles!
  8. Good luck...(I m looking for a job too)
  9. good luck with the job! i can't wait for the Hampstead to come out... i'd love to get one, since i've always wanted a damier shoulder bag.
  10. Good luck.
  11. ^^^ thanks!!!
  12. ooh! good luck :biggrin:
  13. good luck with your interviews. i want a hampstead too.

    batignolles is still not available to SO. i asked this month and heard back a week or two ago. they said it will be some time this year but not yet.
  14. Woohooo rensky! I am thinking of the Hampstead as well!
  15. Good Luck!!! I :heart: the Hampstead also!!!!!!!!:love: