Hampstead GM or Neverfull GM


Jan 21, 2013
Pacific Northwest
Awhile back I was trying to decide between a DE Neverfull GM and a few other bags including the Hampstead MM and the Totally MM. I really wanted the DE print but the issues with the straps turned me off the Neverfull and while I love the Totally i dont want another mono purse. I went and tried them all on and loved the look of the Hampstead but it wasn't big enough so I began the hunt for the discontinued GM size preloved. I found one on ebay a few weeks ago but the seller wanted too much and another got snatched away while i was waiting for it to be authenticated here. well, the other day I found one locally and I'm supposed to pick it up Wednesday morning. Woo hoo right? Now that its almost time I find myself still drawn to the Neverfull :sad:

I should just get the Hampstead GM right since its hard to find and if I don't love it just resell it? I'm afraid because its so structured it might be too awkwardly big and the idea of buying preloved does worry me a bit...


Mar 31, 2010
Definitely get it authenticated, before buying.. if you do that. :smile: I agree though the Neverfull strap issues and now with the new cost, that's a no-go for me too. I would suggest the Marylebone GM? I like how they "fixed" the way the top of the strap is, with that hardware, so that the cracking wouldn't be an issue. It is also supposed to be the bag that "replaces" the Hampstead. So this would be an updated alternative to both the flawed NF and the outdated Hamsptead, imo. Or maybe find a pre-loved NF GM? Then at least you can toss it around and not worry that it cost over $1000 w/ tax. :smile: Good luck deciding!!
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I love my Hampstead, but I love the light unstructured feel of my neverfull. The Hampstead is heavier and structured but my neverfull is my great when out and about with the kids. I know the GM has been discontinued but a SA told me the other day that the whole Hampstead line shall be discontinued.


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Jan 13, 2012
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It depends on what you intend to use it for.

The Hampstead is my power ***** bag for work meetings/work travel.

My NF is intended for leisure travel and the beach.


Jun 20, 2012
My vote would be for the Neverfull. I also like the idea from the previous post about the Marylebone GM. It has the same function as the Neverfull with a little bit of bling like the Hampstead. Check out bjtaylor's review of the bag on YT.


May 21, 2009
Neverfull DE is more of a everyday bag. Hampstead DE makes a bigger impression and heavier, so maybe not an everyday bag. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the Hampstead though. :smile:


Feb 5, 2013
I know this wasn't an option but I agree with the other ladies who brought up the Marylebone.. I have the GM and I absolutely love it! Such a versatile, pretty, light bag! You can wear it in three ways.. You can make it your work casual bag during day and the little hardware that it has makes it perfect for going out to dinner or wherever at night! I'll admit it wasn't appealing at first to me but once you try it on and see the different style you can wear it, and how comfy it is it completely changes your mind!


Oct 20, 2007
I prefer the look of Hempstead much more, but as others say its a heavy bag, I think the NF might be a better everyday bag.


Jan 3, 2011
killa, cali
I use my delightful mm as my everyday/diaper bag. I love that I can clip it to my stroller w petunia stroller clips. Depending on how many bottles/sippies you carry you may want to get a purse organizer. My boys are 11m and 2.5 yrs so I usually just put 1 sippy & 1 bottle in the big pocket for the little one. Oh and I just saw that someone on here added a messenger strap to her delightful w makes it an even better mama bag.
Try not to let something being harder to find be a reason to buy if you don't really love it.