Hampstead Club

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  1. Here's my MM (Medium) size Hampstead. Love it!

    IMG_1483 copy.jpg

    IMG_1484 copy.jpg

    IMG_1489 copy.jpg

    IMG_1495 copy.jpg

    IMG_1493 copy.jpg

    (Sorry, but I didn't take a pic with the straps....)
  2. what a lonely club!!! I am antsy to get my hands on one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ooohhh.. give me another month or so and I'll join you peace43! :Push::Push::Push:
  4. nice!
  5. Another proud memeber

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  6. NICE!!!!!!! Congrats!!! What size?
  7. wait- lemme guess- MM?
  8. Looks good with your orange sweater!!!
  9. Just got my Hampstead MM and I love it. Count me in! :yahoo:

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  10. ^----BEAUTIFUL BAG!!! love it!
  11. I'm about your size so your modeling pictures really helps! I love it on you! :nuts:
  12. No one got the PM?? Im debating over the PM or mini lin bucket?!?
  13. I think amamxr got the PM a few weeks ago. She posted pics of it. The PM is very cute - looks a lot larger than the regular Batignolles.
  14. Me want a PM...:graucho: Great pics!
  15. i want the MM so badly!