Hampstead - Casual?

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  1. I would like a Damier shoulder bag but unfortunately there isn't much too choose from in the way of styles :nogood: hopefully this will change in the future! I've narrowed down choices to be either the Hampstead (PM or MM - haven't decided) or the Damier NF MM.

    I already have a Mono NF GM that I use only for travelling, the GM would be too big for a day to day basis for me so my (new) NF shoulder bag would be ok as a MM. I do prefer structure over sag, so would definately get a base shaper if I decided on the NF MM. Already an owner of a Damier Ribera which I love, however, I am wanting something a bit more casual, just to through on my shoulder for say a quick trip to the mall.

    I really like/prefer the Hampstead (love the structure and the plate) but my concern is it is too "formal" looking. My lifestyle and clothing is mostly casual - maxi dresses and flip flops style.

    Does the Hampstead look ok worn casually or am I doing this gorgeous bag an injustice? Or should I just get the Neverful MM? Hmmm :graucho:
  2. I think the Hampstead is very versatile and can be worn with casual or dressy clothes. You already have a NF so it would be great to get something different.
  3. The Hampstead is very versatile and can be dressed up or down, however, it is also heavier than the NF and if you're wanting something for all day shopping trips at the mall this is not the bag I would carry. I usually carry my Damier NF for this. I had the Hampstead but sold it and now wished I hadn't. It's a great work bag, weekend bag or whatever you need it to be. If you're just talking about short trips to the mall, hour or so, then you're fine. I made the mistake and carried my Tivoli GM all day after Thanksgiving at the mall two years ago and swore I'd never carry a bigger bulky bag again, this would probably be about the same in comparison.
  4. Yes agreed - it can be dressed up or down.
  5. It can definitely be dressed up or down. I love it. I use it everywhere - work, shopping, out for dinner, etc.
  6. I think the Hampstead is a casual bag.
  7. I had a similar experience, normally only use my NF GM for travelling, last time on the way home from the airport called into the mall to get a few things, didn't want to leave my bag in the car so carried it in - huge mistake! It is just not a bag to be lugging around shops! Never again!

    Thanks to all for your replies and advice - I am still considering the Hampstead but now also leaning slightly towards the Thames GM - it looks like a mini Ebene Galleria (without the slouchiness)..... do you think? I can't (unfortunately) afford LV all the time LOL so always my next purchase always requires alot of debate and thought!
  8. Hey, it's good to think through these things! :smile: It's important to get something you absolutely love!

    I agree with AAdams, Hampstead is a significantly heavier bag and is better for short trips or toting to-from in a car, etc. And since its straps sort of have sharp corners and take some time to be worn-in, they are not ideal for wearing on bare shoulders or with thin clothing as they'll cut into the skin if the bag is too heavy (and it's already heavy to begin with.) I only say this because you mentioned maxi dresses ;). As far as it being casual, it can be dressed up or down. It is no doubt a gorgeous bag! Opening it and seeing the red inner lining really makes me happy... :biggrin:

    Honestly, I see NF everywhere that I think you should opt for something else. It's just my personal preference to carry a piece that is more unique to me. I do agree that the GM is awesome for traveling! I love that it's SO light; I used to carry my life in my monogram GM! (Though I do wish it had more pockets as my "life" would get lost in there...

    Thames vs. Galliera, I like the shape of Thames more. It's less floppy and you mentioned you prefer that, and I do as well. And since they are different in proportions, I suggest you try them on your shoulder and see which fit better for you based on your height, etc! :smile: Have fun!
  9. ^^ :goodpost: really appreciate your post Peach, it's given me even more to think about! Especially the (double) straps, I could imagine now being slightly irritating on a bare shoulder.

    At this point I'm thinking of the Thames now. Planned to go to the Boutique in about 2-3 weeks, will check them all out and hopefully have a reveal to follow! I've been lusting after the Tivoli PM for a long time (need one hand-held Mono and one shoulder carried Damier to "complete" my collection for a while LOL) so I guess, with the shortages, it may come to down to what's available?

    Thanks again!
  10. I've been looking for a replacement for my Hampstead MM (too heavy!) and tried out the Thames. It was really comfortable like the Galliera PM, but also smaller - at least it *felt* smaller. But it looks cute and has the single strap and the zipper top. Just make sure you're ok with the size :smile:
  11. ^^ Lorianna did you try the PM or the GM Thames?
  12. I went for the GM (sorry for the delay, I think I fell asleep back there). I'm not saying it's a prohibitively small bag or anything, it just doesn't have the openness of the Galliera PM that makes it feel like the galliera could hold anything. That's not a bad thing, and I think it makes the Thames look nice - just if you have a favorite book size or something larger you normally carry with you make sure you test it in the Thames.

    And do post modeling pics if you get it! I'm thinking Thames GM will be my next non-school bag (considering my recent purchase, sometime in 2030) if the Ebene Galliera is a no-go, I love the single strap and the pattern :smile:
  13. Glad I can help! You'll know for sure once you try them on at the store. Pick an SA, play "dress up" and have fun! :yahoo:
  14. Hampstead could be dressed up or down. I saw a girl who was probably about 20 carrying one who had on jeans and sneakers. And I've seen women in their 30s and 40s carrying it dressed up and both looked good.
  15. Hampstead can be dressed up or down. I have it in azur and I love it. Also, I didn't notice it was heavy - maybe because I am quite careful with what I carry around (i.e. I don't take everything with me - just wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses and lipstick)...