Hampstead Azur - I can't wait to see it IRL!

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  1. I called my local LV to check on availability of the Berkeley (both colors are in) and also the arrival of the new Hampstead in Azur. She told me about a month. Ooooo, I am sooo excited to see the new hampstead!
    This Friday I might swing by to check out the agenda selection and try on a Berkeley (drooling over the ebene' ones in pics, but have yet to see it IRL). I hate that it might lead to a decision between that or the new Azur Hampstead! :shame:
  2. I saw the Berkley at the weekend I was surprised it's not as big as I thought it was I didn't like it as much as I did from the pics

    But you have a little wait on hampstead it's not out until March
  3. Yeah from the posts I have read...the Berkeley has received a slightly cold welcome. Hampstead MM is more of a true shoulder bag, so I am interested in seeing it in the Azur. Only wish it zipped at the top..
  4. I liked the Berkeley. It wasn't as big as I imagined, but it's cute.
  5. I saw the Berkeley Azur yesterday as well, a bit smaller than anticipated..nice indication of what the Hampstead will look like with the gold plate and vachetta corners..:smile:
  6. I had waitlisted for the Berkeley in Azur but was unimpressed when it finally arrived ... I am more interested in the Hampstead now ... looks so refreshing!
  7. I also waitlisted for the Azur Berkeley, had it charged to my cc, but ultimately changed my mind. Good thing, too, because I saw a girl carrying her azur Berkeley at LV last week and upon closer inspection (well, I had to get closer to her, lol), her bag already had vachetta messed up with denim transfer and/or dirt. Bag is beautiful, but the vachetta is indeed worrisome. Perhaps I'll take a look at the Hampstead MM (not as much vachetta) --- wish it had a zippered top, though.
  8. That the Hampstead MM doesn't zip isn't a big deal, IMO. It has a clasp and two snaps to cinch it. I wish it had softer straps (the ebene leather is very stiff.)
  9. i love the damier ebony berkeley. can't wait to get it. and i decided i think i want an azur hampstead mm rather than a pm...not sure yet.
  10. I've been looking forward to seeing this bag too!!!!
  11. I can't wait to see the Hampstead in Azur - I wish it had a zip too!

    I did go to LV to see the Berkeley, but unfortunately it was too big for me...
  12. i cant wait either for my second trip to the LV store..its 2.5 hours ride to get there by train.
    Hope the azur berkeley and hampstead will be there then.
  13. i'm also sooo torn between the hampstead and berkeley, though I just called my local LV and was so disappointed to find out the huge difference here and on elux/LV.com *sigh*. Nonetheless, I am hoping to get one of each style (one will be in ebene, one in azur) so good luck to all of us! to those who've seen it irl, please take and share pics!! :smile:
  14. ^^^ i have decided the same although i already know my berkeley will be damier and my hampstead will be azur :yes:

  15. That's exactly the same combo I was thinking...Berkeley looks so rich and classic in ebene' while the Hampstead in Azur is gorgeous (and not as much vachetta). :girlsigh: