Hampstead and Sporty

  1. Although I have seen pictures in the look book I seem to have missed the Sporty in damier-has anyone pictures? And I do not remember the Hampstead very well....does anyone have pictures of that as well? :confused1:
    I am so curious after I have seen all the descriptions here!
  2. yeah i would loooove to see pics of the new hampstead, but no one has posted one yet..
  3. Have asked today here in London but they do not have pics of the Sporty or Hampstead...:sad:
  4. I've posted info on these gorgeous new bags, but unfortunately couldn't get any pictures. We are all in desperate need of pictures!!!
  5. Yes, your info was great and just made me want to get more info...the Hampstead sounds good and the Sporty could be exactly what I am looking for...:yes:
  6. somebody steal the look book! lol
  7. i NEED PICTURES!! :hysteric: