Hampstead - actual prices but not available until April 1 to purchase

  1. I just spoke to one of the SAs that I know at my regular store. He said that the Hampsteads are available to see at his store, BUT cannot be purchased until April 1.

    Below are the ACTUAL Prices:
    PM: $885 USD (look book: $870)
    MM: $1,090 USD (look book: $1,050)
    GM: $1,230 USD (look book: $1,200)

    He said that the GM is comparable to the Cabas Mezzo and the MM is similar to the Batigonolles Vertical but wider/deeper.

    I'm going to look this weekend!!! I'm on hold for the medium and large. Can't wait!!!
  2. Are there pics of this bag??
  3. clip_image001.jpg

    Hopefully, this worked!!! Pic taken from a previous posting of the Hampstead on tPF.
  4. Thank you - and sorry.. huge dummy - I've seen this and it's a really nice bag! (I'll try search the next time).
  5. wow it's a big price difference between the batignolles and the hampstead PM....i wonder why?
  6. :drool: oh they're beautiful! I can't wait until someone buys one and models.

  7. It's probably because of that gold plate!!!! LOL! and the extra leather at the corners of the Hampstead.

    Not sure, does the Hampstead have the ultrasuede lining or is it just canvas? I guess we'll find out soon!

  8. No problem!! I should have posted the pic with my original posting.
  9. I'm really excited about this bag too!!! But I wonder whether it will be redundant since I already have a Damier Saleya PM!
  10. Please tell me these aren't LE because I must have this next fall!
  11. i like it but really wished it had a zipper top.
    i'm still wishing that someday they include the Damier Cabas Mezzo in their regular line up.
  12. Thanks Peace43!:flowers:
  13. Thank you for the update, hopefully LV has it here in London to look at as well!
  14. Agree!!! But, the open top isn't really that bad.... I have Batignolles Horizontal and didn't think I would like it since it didn't zipper, but now I love it!!! It's so easy to throw stuff into the bag, so it will be the same for the Hampstead with its open top.

    I would love to see the Damier Cabas Mezzo in the regular line up!!! Come on LV..... what are you waiting for?

  15. Nah!! They still look different enough from the Saleya since the Hampsteads have the gold plate and the adjustable straps. Go for it!