1. I wish there was a house and home forum to put this in, but I guess it ends up here in General Discussion.

    Ok, I'm having a clothing hamper crisis.

    Everytime I wash clothing, I end up dumping the hampers out on the floor and sorting clothes into piles. We have 4 hampers and none of them match, nor do they really belong anywhere in the room. It's driving me nuts! :cursing:

    I need advice.

    So, what does everyone on tpf use for hampers/how do you handle organizing dirty laundry until it's ready to be washed?
  2. I have a laundry chute in the hallway of my house so every day I throw things down the chute. Under the chute that goes to the basement I have a large basket to catch the laundry. Then, in my basement what I"ll do is dump out the clothes and put them into a rolling laundry bin that has three compartments. I put the different colors in the different compartments. I also have two other open rolling baskets if I have more than just three sections of colors. As I throw loads in then I have everything organized.
  3. I throw the whites in the washer right away until it gets full enough for one load. This minimizes the clutter but somehow DH seems to wear clothes like he has three bodies... Sorry, if it's not much help. I'm trying to figure it out, too hehehehhe
  4. I wish I had a laundry chute. :wondering
  5. We have plain white plastic ones from Wal-Mart. Plans for makeovers and embellishment are underway!

    Mine will be pale blue, with an allover gold filigree design. Mr Puff's will be teal, with a border of golden peacocks, or maybe elephants.
  6. I must be tired, I thought the thread title was "Pampers", which I know loads about...if you ever have a question on that, let me know LOL

    Anyway, back to HAMPERS....I have a nice, woven basket in my room which I take up daily to the laundry (on the third floor, dang dutch housing!!!!) and sort into 4 different small plastic cheapy baskets: whites, colours, darks and handwashing. There's always enough of something for a load.

    Wish I had a laundry chute that defied gravity and went upwards.
  7. actually when i read the title i thought you were trying to assemble gift hampers!!

    But not to worry, i have experienced with the time consuming household task.... laundry!!

    i have 3 small hampers, one for black and white and other colors. and i have a pile for dry cleaning. =P i place them in/around the bathroom. They can't all fit into my tinny bathroom. =P

    However it's more complicated if you have kids since i'm sure they are not good at sorting out laundry properly and putting it into the right basket. that chute idea sounds great but how many of us can have a laundry chute!! maybe you make it easier and try to get everyone in the house to split their laundry into 2 hampers depending on how you parcel out your clothes when you wash them.... anything more than that and i think kids will get it wrong.... if you have no kids then you just have to train the other adults =)
  8. i have one big laundry basket that i throw all my clothes into and when i decide to finally do laundry, i do it like you do and just throw all the clothes on the floor so i can sort it out. i've debated getting smaller matching hampers so i can sort as i'm throwing dirty clothes in but i'm too lazy. :p
  9. I too wish that there was house and home forum.

    I am a verry picky person and my family knows it. I dont like to wast time on things that could have been organized properly. I have 3 baskets that we keep color coded. 1 for whites 2 for darks and 3 for colors. When they get full in the wash they go. I'm the only one with dry cleaning so thats pretty easy to keep up with.
  10. I actually don't sort my laundry :shame:

    Whites never stay white on me for very long, so I just stopped wearing them... But hey, it makes laundry easier!
  11. ikea has cute matching hampers. and they have ones that fold up when you arent using them.
  12. my house's laundry room is on the second floor near all the bedrooms so we just toss everything in the washer or on top of the dryer. i do a wash every 2-3 days. very convenient location. no hampers.
  13. I also have a laundry chute. In the laundry room I have the cheap Ikea laundry sorters, and I sort out the delicates, the everyday wear, sweaters and such. I must admit I don't sort lights from darks either. :p
  14. I have a hamper with three compartments - 1 for darks, 1 for lights/colored, and 1 for whites. I also have an extra basket for ones that need to be handwashed. Anytime each of those compartments get filled, usually every 5 days, I throw them in the laundry and wash them right away to minimize clutter.