Hammitt bags


Sep 13, 2015
Tampa, FL
Hi!! I just got my first VIP Indigo Hammitt crossbody after reading a lot awesome reviews how these bags are! They also are not cheap! So, I wanted to know - are they a design bag? How is the quality of it?? Thank you


May 24, 2019
I recently discovered Hammitt as well. Their leather is sooo amazing and yummy! They are very good quality IMO. And top notch customer service. In fact, my 4th Hammitt should be here this Friday!
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Sep 2, 2007
Hammitt has been popular here in Los Angeles for many years. Stephanie Hammitt started the company in Manhattan Beach and the corporate offices are now in Hermosa Beach. She is a fantastic and kind person. Plus her bags last forever. I have a travel duffel that I have used for over 10 years on national and international trips and it still looks brand new. If you live in the Manhattan/Hermosa Beach area, her company has had sample sales. However, as her company has grown, the sample sales have been few and far between.


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May 3, 2007
I learned about Hammitt years ago; I was attracted to the red lining, but the bags at the time were too heavy/hardware-rich for me. Fast forward - I have a 210 West in Pewter/Brushed Silver coming my way on a 7-day “tryout”. Scheduled to be here Friday. Can’t wait!


May 18, 2009
I think it's amazing how much they guarantee, the lining, hardware and zippers! Ugh yes!! And the prices are amazing.

I remember working at Dillard's and a sales rep came to introduce the brand. He came to our podunk Alabama from LA and he was so kind, and gave us all little card holders, the most supple leather ever.

I'm a big fan of this brand and can't wait to get something soon!
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Aug 7, 2010
I’m interested in the medium Dillon. Anyone have one? What are your thoughts about the Dillon?


Sep 17, 2016
I just ordered a medium Tony with the brushed gold hardware and I cannot WAIT for it to arrive. I think I'm going to call this afternoon and see if I can add a 210 West wallet to my order (or cancel and reorder with the wallet). If the bags are anything like the promo photos then I suspect the quality is pretty impressive for the price range. Sooooo excited for my new Tony bag!


Jul 29, 2015
Sunny FL, USA
I'm loving Hammitt! I have medium VIP in black/red and it's the most buttery leather ever. I also have a large VIP in indigo blue and Drew in ceramic white. I purchased at Dillards during their black friday sale. It took me a while to start using because I've been addicted to Coach for years, but once I did I've been hooked. I just recently received Duke and this one I ordered directly from Hammitt. Wow the packaging was impressive with the gift box and presentation. I'm definitely a fan. I also love that they don't play pricing games like Coach does. If I pay full price for my Hammitt I'm not going to find it 70% off at the outlet in 3 months.
The original Gossip Girl TV series had some Hammitt bags on some of the characters which is how I learned about it. I couldn't afford them then but have a patent leather Getty bag from Hammitt I picked up at a sip&shop a few years ago. It came with both a wristlet strap and an adjustable shoulder/crossbody strap which I like. Patent leather is pretty sturdy generally so I have no complaints on how it's held up.

I've been shying away from hardware heavy bags lately so not feeling all the rivet-y bags in their line, but I think they're very solid bags.