Hammitt Bags anyone?

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  1. I got an email from Hammitt Bags advertising a sale of 30% off this weekend. I have eyed those bags before, but never taken the plunge. Has anyone ever seen one IRL or have one? They can be seen on their website Hammitt Bags.
  2. I haven't but I love the colors. Stephenie emailed me back and said that accessories and shoes are included as well! I love the brandy color and am contemplating a belt...I also asked her if the wallets were lined.
  3. Hmmm...they aren't really my style (I am not all about the hardware) but they look like really nice bags and the leather looks pretty good, sorry I am not of much help...but if you have a coupon and you really like them I would go for it!
  4. I forgot to add that there is only one pocket (no cell-phone) and a no-return policy. That worries me.
  5. I had a Georgia (gifted it to my mom who adores it) and must say that it is a very lovely bag. It looks and feels very well made. HTH! :smile:
  6. I atually JUST bought one today. They are having an amazing trunk sale. I bought the Georgia handbag in a brown color. It's normally $425, but I got it for $175....if you buy 2, they are $150.

    SUPER cute bag, highly recommend!

  7. sherilah, can you tell us more details about this trunk sale? Thanks!
  8. I really hope they are nice, because I custom ordered 2 at the 30% off price! Whew!!:wlae:
  9. Hey, thanks for the heads-up! I haven't heard of this brand so I'm off to windowshop.
  10. Stephanie Hammitt is a neighbor & VERY NICE. I sell on eBay and at sample sales in L.A. & San Diego. Anyway, just need some advise as to which purses I should order for my store & sample sales. PLEASE HELP! :confused1:I have alot of clients who have little kids, babies or are pregnant, so I will definitely order the Suzy, which is the same style diaper bag that Angeline Jolie uses.

    Which ones do you guys like! TIA!

  11. I just received the Georgia in Brandy. The only complaint is that Steff said the bag was available when I ordered it on sale on Labor Day weekend, and I just got it yesterday! She is VERY nice though, I agree. the bag is really lovely. Well made, sturdy, looks like it cost way more than it did. It's fairly large though. It has room for everything.
  12. I have to say, we hadn't heard of it either but on a referral from a trusted vendor, we bought he line.

    The bags are gorgeous, the leather is top notch and they are suede lined so they will last forever! We are doing very well with them. They are worth checking out!