Hammitt and Malini bags - new designers

  1. So in my internet travels, I found websites of some new designers. At least I think they are new, have never heard of them before. Any opinions on their stuff?

    I like some of the Malini; some of the Hammitt, although I'm not sure I love the croc/studs on Hammitt. Anyone purchased from them before?
  2. The Hammitt bags are divine. I have a Georgia bag in a gorgeous champagney gold snake skin. It is seriously tdf. I'm currently deciding between a Georgia in croc and a Sophia in croc. ;)
  3. I heard that Hammitt was going to stop selling bags. I'm glad she didn't I love those, but I have never bought since there are no returns, and I don't want to order something I haven't seen IRL if I can't return.