hammered hw and teeth marks

  1. here is the pic of my "accidentally purchased" belt with Hammered palladium hardware. I am trying to get a pic of the marks my husband left, but i am having a hard time getting the camera to focus. For now here is the belt. thanks again to all of you ladies for all the help, advice and laughs with this matter

  2. Wow - I like that!
  3. Oh, leave the bite marks just where they are. You'll laugh every time you see them.

  4. i must be missing something..................why are there bite marks?
  5. LOL, yes I'd leave the teeth marks...and think of it as your DH's "craftsman stamp"!
  6. Love the hammered H.....teeth marks are a hoot...

    Would you know if it comes in gold?
  7. Gmel,
    I wish I could help but i have no idea if it comes in gold
  8. It's not often that something hammered and bitten looks so good! Enjoy!
  9. ^^ :true:
  10. Looks fab! Bitemarks are just character for this belt!
  11. Saw this at the store today. Nice!!
  12. It comes in gold. I have both -- love them.
  13. Oh, I love it!!! What a great belt!!!
  14. Did he bit on the belt when you had it on?
    What happened after that? :drool:
  15. No nothing as exciting as him biting the blet while I had it on. He just took it off of me and bit it so i could not return it to the store.

    After that we put my DD to bed. We are boring . . . but happy :smile: