Hammered brass coin/tag keyfob IRL

  1. Just FYI -- Here's the hammered brass keyfob IRL (left). Now either they changed it substantially from the original on the drilldown (right), or made two separate ones later. :shrugs: It's the same number as the drilldown, 92116. :hrmm: If anyone knows whether the one from the drilldown has a new number, plz fill me in. Thanks....... :smile:
    coach brass.jpg 92116_d1.jpg
  2. Wow - that's drastically different! I think they are both cute, though! I suspect it's just a matter of the preproduction model looking different than the one that was actually produced for sale. It's misleading, though, because people are expecting what's in the drilldown photo!
  3. It's beautiful and I love it! It looks especially fetching on my new khaki/brown signature stripe tote, esp with the Legacy stripe lining. :graucho: I was just somewhat surprised in the differences.
  4. Oooh! Post a pic of that!!
  5. In the catalog, the one on the right is listed as 92124 (but I can't pull it up on the drilldown). It has the charm clip on it, while the one on the left doesn't. Maybe there are two different versions?
  6. You got it! Not the best, but you get the idea. :yes:
    tote1.jpg tote2.jpg
  7. there are 2 different versions, 1 is 68.00 and the other is 98.00
  8. Toto, thank you!! That explains it. Someone posted it as 92116 a few days ago so that's what I ordered. Now I can get the other one, too! :wlae:

    What's the price on that one?
  9. Asked and answered. Thanks, rethreads!
  10. ^That looks GREAT - like it's supposed to come with the bag! I think it looks a lot better than what the drilldown one would have looked like!! :yes:
  11. The 92116 drilldown photo shows the one I received. I get nothing yet when I try 92124. Anywho... I love it regardless. :tup:
  12. I :heart: the one you have!!! How cute!
  13. i like em both
  14. I like the one you got better than the other :tup: looks killer on that bag too.
  15. ^^
    Me too.