Hamilton with gold hardware - online?

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  1. Hi all :smile:

    I know in other threads some have mentioned seeing hamilton totes with gold hardware in stores.

    I've seen the black patent one online, but I'm wondering if anyone knows anywhere online that sells a matte black or luggage with gold hw?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I haven't seen matte black or luggage with gold hardware irl either. I am sort of surprised since gold seems to be the thing this year. The Astors have gold hardware, so I bet they will offer it in the hamiltons soon. I will keep my eyes open.
  3. I've never seen it in gold hardware, I'll keep my eyes open when I go to MK next time!!
  4. Just an update, I discovered the Hamilton yesterday while browsing macys website and fell in love with it, went into the store today and saw a bunch of blacks with gold hardware. I wanted the luggage in gold hardware, but not sure if those were even made. I ended up presale-ing the black with gold hw for $220 (25% off)
  5. What macy's so I can have it sent to me, thanks
  6. Glendale, ca
  7. Short Hills, NJ also. The mall also has an MK boutique. Macy's has a camo Hamilton with gold HW that's really different. The thing that surprised me the most was that the camo was leather and not fabric. They also had a leather leopard print item tote.
  8. Macy's at South Coast Plaza and Brea Mall have the Hamilton with gold hardware...
  9. thanks for the updates!

    has anyone seen them in the satchel version of the hamilton?
  10. I pre-saled the satchel, black with gold hw at Macy's. I went to the mk outlet store yesterday and I did see the Luggage satchel with ghw, but it was the outlet version without the lock detail.
  11. oooh.. be sure to post pics when you get it :nuts:

    i'm from australia... i wonder if i can order through macy's store, if i call? :thinking:
  12. here's a pic of the hamilton tote in luggage with ghw

  13. Was at the MK store last night and saw a beautiful almost navy blue medium size Hamilton with gold hardware - for me, the most stunning Hamilton I've ever seen. That shade of blue with the gold hardware was just incredible. If I didn't already have the Coach Midnight Blue Maggie I would have to get this one. They said they just got it in.

    The gold is such a stunning color too - it's more of a light gold, just perfect.

    $350 CAD just FYI.

    They also had both the regular black and black patent with gold hardware.
  14. I just picked up my black satchel with ghw and man, I am in love! I love it so much more now that I know my iPad fits in it perfectly. Id love to post pictures that I've taken for you all but I can't seem to upload pix via ipad. Its such a timeless bag...
  15. I saw a Hamilton satchel in a medium blue last night with gold hardware. I didn't look at the name of the blue, sorry. It was pretty, the gold looked just like the luggage pic above.