Hamilton vs selma

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  1. Okay I promise this is my last purchase for a LONG time. E/w Hamilton in black or lg black Selma with grommets ?
  2. That's a tough one! I'm biased, I fell in love with the Hamilton style the first time I saw it so it's my personal favorite. It was one of those bags that just "looked like me" so to speak lol Cute, classy, and the hardware just takes it to the next level in my opinion :loveeyes: The Selma is a beautiful bag too, I'm just not a fan of the grommets. I prefer studs on the selma. They're not so similar so I think you'd prefer one over the other, even if it's only by a bit. Hope that helps!
  3. I have both the selma with studs (2 bags) and the selma with grommets (2 bags) lol so its tough ! I have one hamilton N/S and I love it ! I am just worried the e/w may be too small. I think I am going to go in store tomorrow and see which one I like better
  4. Large black selma. I just got the same bag and I LOVE IT!!
  5. Do you feel that even with the studs it goes with everything ?
  6. Yes. I have worn this bag with everything and I don't have to worry that it will clash
  7. Oh, I see! I think trying them on will definitely help. Maybe take pictures and compare them side by side? I tried on a N/S yesterday and it's far too big for me, but the E/W is just the right size in every way.
    I used to carry some larger bags, but I hurt my neck/shoulder a couple years ago so I've made a more conscious effort to downsize. I'm a college student so the heavy stuff just goes in my backpack when I'm on campus, so as to not strain one shoulder... And a E/W sized bag is big enough for everything I need when I'm out and about.
  8. This was my dilemma before Christmas. I ended up with the e/w Hamilton in black. However, I still haven't been able to get the black with silver grommets out of my mind but I didn't want two black bags. Well, I went and picked up the large black silver grommets from Macy's today. It is totally me. I wish I would have gotten this one originally. :yahoo:

    However, I still like my Hamilton for when I need a smaller bag. It just feels more classic. :smile:
  9. ID go for the Selma...it's on sale at Macy's at 25% off and if you use the coupon code WORKIT, you can get another 25% off!
  10. I used that code earlier and ordered the fuschia Selma with grommets ! Such an awesome deal ! I am going to try on both today at Macy's and see which one I was to get
  11. that's weird... I just tried that coupon code and it didn't work for me. are there restrictions?
  12. The coupon code has expired now. :/

  13. Went into Macy's today and their clearance was an extra 20% off if you are a card holder. Just got the black large Selma with grommets :biggrin:
  14. Selma....Selma....it is in my wish list...!! ^^
  15. I finally bit the bullet and got the lg black selma with grommets !