Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

  1. cool! I havent seen it in person but would love too!
    Congrats again!
  2. Thanks!
    I just can't get over how much this bag holds! Plus I think it looks super classy; I need more colors, lol.
  3. My large orange n/s Hamilton tote

  4. Get the red!!!:p
  5. I would LOVE to have the red!!! I really like the green too, lol.
  6. My Python Embossed Hamilton Tote, I think it's the large one:

  7. My E/W Hamilton tote in navy with GHW:
    Fair2 316.JPG Fair2 319.JPG
  8. Hamilton East West in Cement (the color is a mouse/gray/beige)
    In it I can fit:
    LV Pomm Zippy Vernis Wallet
    Robins Egg blue Agenda
    LV Violette Make-up Trousse Vernis
    Coach Teal Pill case
    LV Beige Ludlow Vernis
    LV Amarante Key holder Vernis
    Coach Sunglass case
    Dior Blotters

    I also have more in the 3 inside pockets~ I can also fit my travel umbrella as well.
    Hamitoneggs 018.jpg Hamitoneggs 015.jpg Hamitoneggs 019.jpg Hamitoneggs 021.jpg
  9. Very pretty bag, love the Cement color. It seems like a color that would go with just about anything!
  10. I just got a Hamilton N/S tote in black today, it was slightly used but in perfect condition. I notice though that when I put my stuff in, it doesn't stand straight up, it sort of slouches down into itself I guess from the weight of that padlock. Any suggestions on how to make it stand straight up, all these photos the bags seem to be more rigid. thanks
  11. Thats because the pictures are of the bags when they are new. Once they are used they will slouch. Thats how hamiltons totes are.
    I absolutely love My hamiltons, slouch and all.
  12. Thank you for replying so quickly. Well I feel better then, it is a gorgeous bag. I read on another thread here, about sagging Hamiltons, and one gal recommended the Pursefection Purse Organizer from QVC in large, she said it filled out her Hamilton and gave it a lot of structure. So I ordered one of those yesterday. They are on sale for $22.

  13. Thanks so much! When I was researching this bag, I fell in love with the cement color. I adore greyish/beige bags that can go with just about anything. problem was...finding one as the color has been discontinued. I was able to find one for sale and instantly loved the color.
  14. ^^
    I seriously love the cement Hamilton. Perfect neutral IMO. Congrats!
  15. I've been back and forth on the Hamilton and I'm wondering if the luggage north-south tote comes with gold hardware? Also, can the handles fit over the shoulder?