Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

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    OK here it is... Sorry! Found this lime green saffiano leather beauty with gold hardware at Macy's for 25% off. Not a huge clearance price but honestly better than eBay! LOVE the color!
  2. That is a beauty! Love that color.
  3. My three hamilton babies :smile:
    image-1184477035.jpg image-3658404615.jpg image-347761343.jpg
  4. Great collection! I really want the signature Hamilton in white too. I own the brown signature MK Hamilton. Love the matching wallet too.
  5. I LOVE this color!!
  6. Thank you DP PURSE FAN,I love it,this color is great for the summer :smile:
  7. Awww thanks girl but i got rid of mine awhile ago, i found that i preferred the larger Hamilton size but i never actually took the plunge for the larger one and bought the Gansevoort instead :shame:
  8. Great choices love the MK logo with wallet

    This color is amazing.
  9. Love this thread! I've been wanting a Hamilton for quite some time, I just can't decide on a style/color!
  10. Oh my, gorgeous color! :biggrin:
  11. Thank you 05_sincere :biggrin:
  12. Oh no problem. Thanks for replying. The gansevoort is nice also!
  13. My bag is here!!!!!!!!!

    You ladies were right, it is exactly what I wanted. :happydance::happydance: She's my third hamilton and I'm in love. :cloud9:
  14. That's a beauty! Congrats!
  15. i went in for one hamilton and came out with another.

    there was a 25% off table at macys and i asked my sa about an aqua hammy satchel and she told me it was another 25% off that mark down and another 20% with a coupon she had. i couldnt pass up that deal!

    now i need to go back to get the orginal hamilton i wanted, haha.