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  1. not authentic. never attempt.
  2. I have grayson mirror rose gold, not hamilton. sorry. Hamiltons with rose gold ware only sold at MK online and stores, not department stores. i guess he was testing to see how people will like it. Goodluck.
  3. Dillard's has the vanilla mk Hamilton on sale for an extra 40% off, it came to about $179 .... After tax (7.5%).
    They had several other styles on sale too. The regular price was about $348.
  4. Ok thank you :smile: I called all in my area and nine available so I called online and I believe only the vanilla was available for back order :/
  5. Hello ladies!
    I've been searching for the tangerine hamilton like a maniac. Its been sold out everywhere and last week it magically appeared on bloomies site, but by the time I was going to order it was gone again.

    I managed to find the satchel online but am hesitant. The description lists as tangerine but the picture look more like luggage. were there different shades of tangerine that I wasnt aware of?? I usually see vibrant orange in all the picture of the bag but this one is much more muted. Could it be a mistake in the name? or just bad lighting?? I want to order immediately but dont want it if it the luggage color. I want the tangerine BADLY!

    I cant seem to post the picture but its on piperlime. can someone please take a look and advise.
  6. Blondee178, that sure looks like the "luggage" color to me. As far as I know there is not a "lighter tangerine". However, I do remember the Hamilton came in a "burnt orange" color, which was somewhere between the Luggage color and the Tangerine.
  7. The Saffiano satchel on Piperlime is tangerine. Look at the N/S tote, which is luggage, and you will see the difference in the two colors.
  8. Hi ladies, wanna share this beauty with you. Hamilton large ostrich in luggage colour relaxing in my office.
  9. This is so beautiful!! Love the color!
  10. Yes, burnt orange is what I would use to describe this bag. Its a nice color I just envisioned a brighter orange for summer whereas this bag feel more for fall. Either way...I went ahead and ordered it. Didnt want to risk it going out of stock after all the time I've spent searching. :p

    You are right! I mistakenly assumed the "Tan" bag was the luggage and that the picture was just not reflecting the color accurately. Thank you!! It was the assurance I needed to just go ahead and place the order :yahoo:Cant wait to get my bag!!!!!
  11. Your pictures really inspired me to want to get this bag! Are you still loving it after all this time? It looks so pretty in these pics... what are your thoughts after over a year?
  12. Thank you !
  13. Hi ladies!!! I am new to the MK Hamilton club, but not to MK itself:smile: I have a question about the MK Hamilton Large totes. I am roughly 5'1/100lbs and very petite. My question is this, are you any of you around my size and use the bigger bag? I don't live anywhere near a MK so I am going to have to order online to try them on and I'm afraid it will be to big and look out of proportion with my body size. I think the smaller Hamilton will be to small. I have 2 kids and carry a TON of stuff with me...my iPad, usually purse stuff and then stuff for my kids. I need some help/advice. Also, I wanted the black rose gold hamilton, but it isn't online and can't find any in stores. The Vanilla one is online though, does vanilla get dirty easily? TIA!!!:biggrin:
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    Joining you all with my first MK!

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