Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

  1. I agree, this color is gorgeous! Great bag! Congratulations!
  2. I might be a little late to the party here, but while browsing Belk yesterday I saw these adorable "mini" Hamiltons for $348. They were like a crossbody Hamilton. So cute and adorable, but a little pricey...aren't the east/west H's $298? Maybe the little ones are more expensive because they are harder to make? Hmmmm....
    But they were so cute. I saw yellow, pink, and a white one...all with gold hardware. :biggrin:

    ETA: Now, I swear I thought these were $348, lol...but here they are for $298 at Dillards. http://www.dillards.com/product/MICHAEL-Michael-Kors-Medium-Hamilton-NorthSouth-Tote_301_-1_301_503239958
  3. Hi,twochubbycheeks, can you send a pic if you wearing this bag? I am thinking on getting one, but not sure if I should get the Satchel-the medium one, or the tote in your picture... thanks!!!!
    PS. may I ask your height as well?
  4. Hey Tatertot, I am thinking on getting the hamilton bag, I like this electric pink color very much, but I am not sure if I should get the satchel (12'x 9'x 5')or the tote in your picture, do you mind post a picture of you wearing it? and you height if I may ask? thank you so much!
  5. diana27arvi - that is a fabulous bag you have there!!!.....Love it. I have been trying to buy this online and do not see it anywhere was curious where you bought it ?
  6. I'm loving the saffiano leather on the Hamiltons....wish there were more colors! There is a taupe colored one I'm thinking about getting next. :sweatdrop:
  7. Hi, I just received my first MK Hamilton handbag ..I got the "dusk" color croc print which looked light pink in the pictures but when i received it was dissapointed on the color..It looks more like a pale pink greyish anyone have this bag and can post pictures of theirs? Is this the right color?Thanks
  8. Using my aqua saffiano leather hamilton today. This is the perfect color for the summer! I hope they continue to make saffiano hamiltons with the F/W season I LOVE mine.

    A reference pic this is the E/W tote and I"m 5'3 plus size.
  9. My very first MK Bag, I love it!

    N/S Croc-embossed in Dusk.
    hamilton1a.jpg hamilton2a.jpg hamilton4a.jpg
  10. i really want the large hamilton in the color luggage with gold hardware.
    do you guys think i should?
  11. Hi Everyone:smile:
    Would love to join your club! I just got the E/W Hamilton in Ocean Blue with gold HW. I love this bag and can't wait to get more. All of your bags are just GORGEOUS!!
  12. Welcome, and what a great looking bag! I'm loving the sliver hardware with the blue! It's hard to stop at just one:woot:
  13. Good Evening All, My first time taking my Pink, ostrich embossed, large Hamilton out for some air, and she is perfect! I've had her for a couple of months, but have enjoyed my tangerine Hamilton so much that I've been using it for a couple of week. Now the tangerine can take a break. I still have a couple of other Hamilton's that I've not used yet, I need to get them in to rotation.
    Electric Pink Ostrich Hamilton.jpg
  14. Your set is really beautiful, congrats!
  15. Ah love it!! The color is gorgeous! I've been looking for this color, where did u find this beauty at?!