Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

  1. Congratulations asl_bebes she looks gorgeous with the ghw!!!!

    Keep those Hamilton's coming =D
  2. Thanks PrincessD!:love:
  3. Giving this thread a :bump: since I think we have some new Hamilton owners!;)
  4. Hi!! I'm new to Michael Kors (I own a few random pieces here and there) but I've been eyeing the Vanilla Hamilton for a while! I saw it on Nordstrom.com but it got bad reviews :sad:

    A lot of people said the leather is really thin and cheaply made. How do you guys find the quality of the leather on these bags?

    Also...any chance this bag will be hitting the MK outlets anytime soon? Or if there is something similar at the outlets? Just wondering.

    Thanks and all you ladies look great modeling :smile:
  5. I am actually a LV girl, but I saw this bag on a PF member and fell in love. I tried it on at Nordstrom on Saturday, and wanted the black one but they were all sold out. I got online when I got home and found it on Bloomingdales site and I had 20% off so I couldn't resist. It's back ordered so I won't get it until January :sad: But it will be well worth the wait.

    I do not think the leather is cheap at all! I actually thought the bag looked way more expensive than it actually is!
  6. Here is mine, Amethyst Hamilton Tote.

  7. I can't speak for the leather on the vanilla Hamilton but I have one in luggage, the leather is fine. I use it for my work bag and I load that baby up ... my shoes, lunch bag, some paperwork, etc. The leather is still holding up and it looks fab. I have Balenciaga and Mulberry bags so in terms of leather, Balenciaga has thin leather in comparison to the Darwin leather on my Mulberrys ... so just because the leather is not very thick, it does not mean that it's cheaply made. I'm happy with my Hamilton, it's a gorgeous bag ... I would definitely recommend it!:biggrin: I bought mine at retail ($395CDN), that's how much I love it! LOL
  8. lucydee - Looking good!:love:
  9. Thank you asl_bebes, I love her so much that I keep staring at her :biggrin:

  10. Thanks for the input guys. Hopefully will get my hands on this bag this holiday season!
  11. Macys has 25% off and free shipping! I just bought another Hamilton :heart: I love this bag!!
  12. Lucy- I LOVE THAT COLOR!! Omg, it is so gorgeous!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Oh this one is so pretty too! I Love it!
  15. Thanks lucydee, it is my first MK bag. :heart:

    I love the pop of color that your hamilton adds to your outfit. :smile: Did you see the pretty blue one too? I think it's indigo?