Hamilton EW vs NS


Aug 17, 2007
I'm pretty set on the Hamilton in luggage with silver hardware as a next purchase (yay!). I'm wondering though, which size should I get? I carry these items on a regular basis: one 8.5x11 folder, a 10" netbook, a 24 oz nalgene, a Coach Madison large pouch, and a novel or small textbook.

I looked at the EW and the NS at Nordstrom yesterday and although the EW looked significantly smaller, it was literally only one inch shorter than the NS. I like the look of the NS but I've read that the EW slouches less (which is a good thing, for me). Also, I wouldn't like if I have a ton of room left in the NS-- if I can manage to fit everything comfortably in the EW, I'd prefer that.

What do you ladies think?

PS: This is kind of a random add-on but do you find that the lack of a zip closure is inconvenient/dangerous?



Nov 12, 2009
I own 3 hamiltons. 1 tote 2 satchels. Not including the hamilton flap shoulder bag. And i think that the large tote would fit all the things you want to carry. The satchel is smaller inside. It has less capacity.