Halzan or So Kelly?

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  1. Am looking at next Hermès to get. Cannot decide between Halzan and So Kelly. So which one, anyone?
  2. Halzan, can be worn many different ways, outside pockets are so practical. I do like the SO Kelly a lot but the Halzan is so versatile that I could have Halzans in a rainbow of colors.
  3. Hazan for sure!
  4. The halzan!!! Folded down like a portfolio/clutch looks super chic and love it as a cross body!!!!! I tried on the SO kelly and while its beautiful, found it so deep i thought it would be hard to find stuff.
  5. Halzan!!!!
  6. Halzan can be worn many ways, but IMHO is strictly very casual. While I like its functionality, if you are looking for a bag that can dress up a bit, you may want to give some serious consideration to the so kelly. Both are lovely, but to me the so kelly has a touch more elegance so it depends how you wish to use the bag. Good luck deciding! I am sure you will be happy either way!
  7. I love my Halzan. It can be hand carried/shoulder carried and even used as a clutch. Its lightweight and the pockets are so handy! I don't own an SO kelly but I think it's so darn long. I would hate having to dig so deep to look for my keys (which happens every day since my keys are always at the very bottom of my bag).
  8. Halzan. Very versatile and super cute
  9. Halzan
  10. I have both and if I had to choose, I would take the SO Kelly. It's a bit more polished.
  11. SO Kelly, a beautiful bag.
  12. Another vote for SK. Versatile and chic. Hazlan is too casual imo.
  13. So kelly smaller size only
  14. So Kelly to me is a more accomplished bag though you can't be too wrong with the Halzan.
    Wished I was more helpful.
  15. Dear All, thank you for all your replys! I like actually. Hmm...still indecisive on which one. :smile: