Halzan 31 Color Questions!

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  1. Hi Ladies - I am pummeling myself trying to figure out what Halzan to save for and purchase. I initially saw a pale, almost white gray and then the most gorgeous rouge de couer which I drooled over, but couldn't pull the trigger on. After that, I have been looking at both pre-loved and thinking through Hermes colors. Is black the smartest with non-white stitching for years of wear or should I do Gris Etain or Gold? Should I stick to dark vs light? Is a bright pop of color smart or because it is a larger bag sticking with a neutral so it is easier to pair with outfits the smartest play? Help and any mod shots greatly appreciated!!!
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    It really depends on what you like and how you’ll use it. For me, it’s a casual daytime bag that was an upgrade from my daily green Goyard, so I was used to having a pop of color.

    I tried on gris, a red, (sorry not sure the exact shade) and landed on Bleu Encre in ghw. I sometimes think darker blues can read neutral like a navy so are more versatile than say a lime or pink.

    For mod shot reference I’m 6’ and was a couple months pregnant at the time.

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  3. i got an evelyne this Fall in the Bleu Nuit and LOVE that color, but I want my Halzan to be different. These mod shots are incredibly helpful and every single one of them looked amazing on you! Thanks for the help!
  4. I had a Halzan 31 in Blue Hydra. I loved the bag but the color was ultimately a bit too "specific" for me. I consigned it, as well as a later mini in Rose Pourpre which turned out to be too small for my needs.

    I have been planning to get another 31 and recently scored a neutral color, which I suspect I will use significantly more often than I did the Hydra.

    It's a fabulous, functional, versatile, elegant bag. I don't personally think pop vs. neutral is as important as making sure whatever color it is works with your existing wardrobe. (I do have some blue go-withs but Hydra proved to be too hard for me to pair.)

    HTH, and good luck with your search!
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