Halting the patina process...

  1. I have been carrying my Neverfull for about a month now, and its starting to get a great patina - slightly darker than new, and a beautiful shade. I've gotten a few spots on the vachetta that I used baby wipes on, and I ordered a protective spray.

    So now, I love the color, but am wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent it from getting a lot darker...magic eraser? Regular use of baby wipes? I don't mind a nice patina, I'm just afraid of dark dark. Epecially since my Azur Speedy is arriving this week, and I am worried about it too!!

    Do you do any regular maintenance? Thanks!
  2. I always spray my bags with appleguard and this seems to slow down the patina process.
  3. Spray the handles with applegaurd
  4. I switch out my bags a lot, usually once every week, so they don't get dark... I get bored too when I use the same bag too long, that is bad huh?

    I have bags that are 2 years old and still look almost NEW!
  5. I'm curious...about...sun screen...:confused1:

    this is my thought...

    has anyone thought of this too? putting sun screen on the


    because if it's the sun that mainly makes the patina go darker...

    i was wondering if sun screen would stop it...:push:

  6. OH!! I never known before :smile: .... I'll buy an appleguard tomorrow as I hate dark patina.
  7. well. i think mr clean magic eraser slows it down. i have a mc mini hl, and it patinaed so fast! i cleaned all of the watermarks off of it, and i noticed that the colors of the handles were really uneven, so i tucked the darker handle into the bag, and let the bag sit by a window for 3 weeks. NOTHING HAPPENED! so i think magic eraser helps a bit.
  8. where can appleguard be purchased? I am clueless! LOL
  9. leatherstuff.com I just got a conditioner and apple guard
  10. I've used Shining Monkey spray on all my vachetta and while I don't think anything can truly halt the process 100%, mine seem to be gradually moving into nice patinas but they are all just around a year old or less. I also don't use any of mine everyday so they are often in dustbags so maybe that helps?

    As far as the post about using sunscreen, I would be extremely careful about that as I would worry the other chemicals and moisturizers would really stain the vachetta and damage it.
  11. What about LMB products? did anyone try "For handles only" on an LV bag?
  12. I wear sunscreen everyday, and sometimes the sunscreen rubs off from my arms or hands and gets on my bags. From my experience, it makes the patina DARKER. :sad:
  13. IMO, nothign creates darker patina faster than heat. So don't leave bags in a warm place. If you live in warm climate, the bags patina faster.

    Magic Eraser is too strong so I only use if i get my bag dirty and nothign else can clean it. I've only been spraying Shinning Monkey on my bags.
  14. I sprayed my Speedy's handles with Wilson's leather spray when I first got it. Whenever I am not using my Speedy, I keep it in a dustbag away from heat and light. I think this has really helped to slow down the patina process. I've had my Speedy for a year and the vachetta still looks really light.
    As for sunscreen, I would think that the oils in it would make the leather darker, similar to how lotions and body oils making the handles darken.