HALP...!! speedy S.O.S...!!

  1. my brand new speedy 25 mono!! GAAAHHHH :hysteric:...!!! MY WATER BOTTLe BROKE IN IT!!!!!!! and it was completely soaked through...!! there was practically about 3 inchs of water in it! :crybaby:

    i know how resilient LVs are... but mine dried out and the leather 'sides' and the leather tab ended up being stiff with some water stains......and the leather at the edges also kinda shrunk and it's giving me speedy a funny mishapen look.. :sad: please tell me it's going to get better....

    what should i do?!?!?!?!? :crybaby: *bursts into tears*
  2. Eek! Sorry this happened to you!! Do you have any pics??!!!
  3. Wow I am so sorry to hear!!!!! Maybe stuff some towels in it to regain the shape? That sucks about the water stains on the leather but I would think that eventually as it patinas more it will even it out?!!
    I had a gallon of water inside my gym bag once and the top leaked and I had my mono koala wallet in it and it got soaked ! I was so upset but then I let it dry and it is perfect now. In fact, I was even more pleased with it because it softened the canvas a little.
  4. Can you take it to store? Maybe they could fix it. Have you tried conditioning it, maybe that would help too?
  5. I would recommend buying some Apple Conditioner....that will help the leather get back some of it's suppleness. It's sounds like the water dried out the leather abit.
    As for water stains...yes they'll blend in as it patinas (so I would start using it like crazy!)

    And in the future...anything that is liquid I would recommend placing it in a plastic bag and then in the purse (I am super anal about that kind of stuff!)
  6. it should soften up and 'stretch' with use, don't worry about it. the water stains even out too with the patina.
  7. really...? :confused1: should i bring the receipt too?

  8. goodness... i can barely look at it without tearing... but we'll see if i can take some pics... :crybaby:
  9. wow sounds very serious. sorry to hear about that.

    show us some pics if you can.
  10. OMG. What bad luck. I'm sure it will regain it's suppleness as you use it.

    Good luck.

  11. I would also wipe the inside with clorox wipes and maybe use a hairdryer to make sure the bag is dry. One thing that would concern me is if mold could somehow grow in the bag or under the inside canvas?????
    Is it possible to turn the speedy inside out and clean it really good and let it dry under a fan? It would be horrible to see mold in a bag a month from now.
    Good luck. I use wilson leather conditioner on my bags and they clean up very well, it even took water stains off the bottom of my one LV.
  12. omg im so sorry this happened to you. it happened to me in my coach carryall (except it was vitamin water !) and i learned my lesson and will never put a beverage in my handbag again !
  13. Do you have any silica packets that come in shoe boxes with new shoes. Put them in the bag to help absorb excess moisture also put towels in to help it retain it's shape until it's completely dry. If the towel gets damp replace it with a dry one. I would bring it to LV also.
  14. Ohhh noooo!!! I would bring it back in - not that they would replace it but maybe they would have a suggestion. In the meantime I would do what everyone else said and air it out and use paper towels etc. I throw my water bottle in my bags all the time - won't do that anymore. Sorry it happened to you.