Halp! I'm terrified of ruining my MAB! +

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  1. My Apple Garde arrived today. Fastest shipping EVER! Stuff I ordered before this still hasn't arrived.

    Anyway.. this is not what I wanted to post about. I'm sooo freaked out by the gold foil on the bottom of my Night/Gold Crackle MA.

    I have emailed RM and called several times with no answer.

    So on to the questions: Girls who are getting this bag, do you plan to waterproof the bottom too or just the leather? Have any of you ever had leather bag with gold foil on top?

    My concerns are ruining the shininess, causing the foil to flake... discoloring it... having liquid seep into the cracks of the foil. But I'm also concerned that if I don't treat it, there will be long-term consequences.

    I think this bag is a tad high maintenance. :P

  2. Hi Nanashimara! I believe RM Maven discussed how to care for the crackle bottom in this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/rebecca-minkoff/questions-for-rm-maven-please-address-271397-2.html

    It's post # 22, but I'll copy+paste it here:

    Crackle Bottom Care
    Be nice to the bottom of your bag and do not drag them on the ground.

    It really doesn't look like your bottom will be harmed unless you do some major physical damage to it... It should hold up nicely for daily wear...

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong though...
  3. Wow thanks so much! I just did a board search but totally forgot to look back at this old thread. I apparently suck at this... been away from the boards for a few days. Much appreciated!
  4. Hmm... She didn't mention if I could Applegarde the gold crackle or if it is necessary, which is my main concern. I will be sure not to drag it on the ground, LOL!
  5. LOL... NP! I doubt it since she also said that apple garde is a good leather protectant in her answer to the leather care question... I'm sure she would have mentioned it in the gold/crackle bottom section if it was necessary... But just to be sure, you can reply in the RM MAVEN question thread or PM her.... HTH!

  6. I've been trying to figure out how to PM people since I joined... That's a little embarrassing and I've been too ashamed to ask. I looked all over though. Am I missing some little button somewhere?

    I'm going to bump up that thread again too. Thanks!
  7. Oh! It's super easy... Just left click on the person's SN and a menu should drop down... On the menu it will say "Send a private message to (insert screen name here)"

    Hmmm... that's funny... I can't find a button to Private Message you... :thinking:
  8. My pull-down menu doesn't have an option to message you either... I have 3 options, add you as a buddy, view your profile etc.

    I wonder why this is? Do I have to have a certain number of posts or something before I can get PMs? I am going to go check my settings...
  9. nana you have enough posts... hmm i see the PM option listed for you...

    But i got this bag to, and i think it will hold up pretty well. I'm not going to protect the bottom with anything. It looks good the way it is!

    Don't stress! just give the bag tons of love and it will be ok ;)
  10. ^^I see the PM option now listed for you too!
  11. I thought the bottom would hold up nicely for daily wear, however, I got my bag about 4 days ago and have used it everyday since. I looked on the bottom today and noticed an awful scuff mark near one of the feet, which is just breaking my heart. I can’t think of what I could have possibly dragged it on (I won’t leave bags on the ground etc), so in the absence of being able to determine how it got there, I’m going with probably should not use everyday or be extra careful with the bottom.

    I suppose it is inevitable that scuff marks will appear on it, however, I am also now trying to come up with ideas of how it can be fixed (short of sending it back). Perhaps the leather shop would be able to gold foil it? Any other ideas?
  12. :sad: that's too bad AHL. I'm really sorry. I would have been brokenhearted too. Did you buy it from a boutique or through Rebecca's website? Either way, I would email the customer service representative of where you bought it from and see if they can exchange it for a brand new bag... Or you could pose a question or PM RM Maven to see if there is anything they can do...

    I'm sorry... I'm probably not much help...
  13. Oh this is scary my gold crackle bottom is in the mail. Now I am wondering if I should just prepare myself to send it back. I really wanted an everyday black bag to use. Although I am careful with my bags, I don't want to be constantly worrying about the bottom getting ruined. Anyone else having issues?

    Oh and to answer your question, no I will not be waterproofing the bottom of the bag. I figure it is on the bottom and shouldn't get wet if I am out in the rain. I also heard there is a lacquer of sorts covering the bottom which in that case would prolly just make anything I sprayed on the bottom leave an icky film. I will prolly spray the leather I suppose. Although I haven't sprayed my night blue MAM and its been just fine. hope that helps