halp! i hope it's not lost

  1. I ordered a Hamptons Carryall on December 19th. I didn't EXPECT it to arrive before Christmas (being busy and all!) but the SA used Overnight shipping so I was expecting it soon. It is now the 27th and my bag is still not here. :crybaby:

    I called JAX on the 24th to see if I could get a tracking number, and they said that there isn't one available for my order. I am so worried that my poor bag is lost, stolen, or in...some random place??

    Has anyone had trouble with Coach shipping before? I've ordered something else once (about a month ago) and it showed up just fine within a few days.

    I am just DISTRAUGHT that my bag might never show up :crybaby:
  2. Did you not get any email updates regarding your package?

    Everytime I order from Coach, they always provide me with a tracking number and emails regarding shipment and all that.

    Do you have a receipt or other proof of purchase? You can always contact the boutique and ask them to look it up for you.
  3. No emails or anything. I have my receipt and if it gets to the middle of next week and it's still not here, that's what i'll do.

    I'm just upset because I know that bag isn't available anymore (in that color) and what are they going to do if I don't get it? That's the one I want! :crybaby:
  4. Why wouldn't there be tracking on that order? Even when I've done exchanges by mail, JAX could tell me how far along in the process my exchange was and if the item had shipped. They've even told me the date to expect items. That's weird that they wouldn't have tracking. Can you call your SA?
  5. Oh no!!! I hope you get it very soon. I got the Hamptons Carryall in red for Christmas and I LOVE it. Which color did you order?
  6. Well, last order (tatersall muffler) I was being impatient and my package didn't come when I thought it should.

    When I looked up my tracking info it wasn't in the system...so I called my boutique and they looked up my info off the numbers on my receipt and told me when my package was coming.

    So try your local boutique if you can.
  7. I got the new khaki/lilac color for spring. I hope it shows up soon :s
  8. I'd definitely give your Coach store a call and ask for the tracking number of your hand bag. Whenever I place a phone order, I usually receive my items within 3 - 5 business days if not sooner.
  9. This does not sound right i would call the store you ordered it from. They usually email you within a couple of days.Since this bag is either sold out or close to it. I ordered mine last night and there were 6 at that time So I would call your store to make sure! The SA said they wouldnt let you ordered
    it if it wasnt avail. If there is less than 5 they have to do a special
    order then theres no guarantee you will get it but since she was able to ring yours up right it should be fine!I would call your store though!
  10. I usually always have a SA from the KOP store order from Jax for me. One time I needed to find out tracking info and I called JAX directly thinking that's where the bag is coming from. They had no info for me and told me to call the store where the bag was ordered from.:shrugs: I hope you get your bag!