Halo 3 ?

  1. Has anyone tried the Halo 3 game? Is it as good as expected? My son is wanting this game, is it worth buying?:shrugs:
  2. It's worth buying, you son will be sooo happy!
  3. I just asked DH and he said it's AMAZING.
  4. Umm... I haven't really seen my bf since it came out and that means it's good! That's what happened when halo 2 came out, didn't really see him for a month.
  5. all my guy friends rave
  6. i bought it. my dad and i did a marathon co-op play (4 hours a night for 5 nights i think). the graphics are amazing.
  7. Im planning on buying an Xbox just for this game!
  8. Thanks you guys!!! Ya'll are great!
  9. My hubby will be happy!!!
  10. Two thoughts first Mishka, I had a Pom named Mishka when er were growing up. It means mouse in Serbian. So cute.

    Halo 3. My 11 year old son has the game, the full limited edition pkg (in true PF gal style); i.e. special cheat-cheat cdRom; goofy helmet that the character wears, oh and don't forget the guide!! Anyway I ordered this outfit last Spring (well over 100 dollars), the GameStop SA told me that the release date would be around Christmas and that Halo 3 was touted to be the game of the year. Well it arives in Sept. My kid goes berserk to have it; I'm pissed because that's a Christmas gift blah, blah, blah. Needless to say we gave it to him. He finished the first level and won the game in like 3 days? But don't dispair, it has like 12 levels (I think) so it's worth the money.

    Remember it's rated M and that gave me pause. Unlike other Halo games this one has some human blood but not much. The war strategies are something else and the graphics (not to sound too much like a teenager) are AMAZING.:yes:
  11. Df got the game when it first came out. DF and his kids were playing it all weekend. they love it
  12. yes it's awesome, my husband and friends have been playing this non-stop since he got it. Don't tell him I said that. You might want to play it more than your son.
  13. I think its worth it. I've enjoyed playing it. My husband stays up till 3 in the morning sometimes playing that game.
  14. o.k----- I think you guys have helped my son by talking me into buying the game.............I thinking for christmas! Maybe? IDK ....he follows me from room to room trying to explain how great the game is and how he will just be playing it all day long and how good of a child he will be for the next 25 yrs. so on and so on..................... !!!! maybe sooner than christmas:shrugs:
  15. My husband beat the game within a few days. He loved it. I would be on the internet and he would be playing the game for hours on end.