1. For those of you giving out candy tonight, or have just recently gone to parties, What is the best costume you've seen so far?!!?

    Giving out candy: a girl that made a aero chocolate bar wrapper out of cardboard and wore it hehe

    party: a guy that dressed up as a christmas tree, equipped with angel on top and garland around the tree :yes:
  2. I saw a guy dressed up as a milk cow waiting for the bus! That was pretty good! :biggrin:
  3. Eh, i didn't get many kids at my place but i saw a little of the Today show this morning and someone was dressed up in a playdough container. It was so cute!
  4. I'm biased, my daughter's costume rocked!!! She's 7 and she went as Cleopatra, complete w/ headress, gold bangles, fancy eyeliner. All her friends were Disney princesses, so she stood out. She was the only Cleopatra we saw. Other than my daughter, there was a pre-school age girl dressed as a bride and she was gorgeous.
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