1. Hi everyone. I have a question. I have to dress up for work this Sat. for halloween. Does anyone have any idea's? I was thinking of a hooters girl or a correction officer. I know i don't have much time just one day. So can anyone help with some more ideas or one of mine.

  2. Umm well. I guess it depends where you work! LOL I sure wouldn't go to a professional job dressed as a Hooter's girl! LOL

    A correction officer sounds cute. You really just need to head to a Halloween store, check out all of the costumes and try them on!
  3. being A doctor is easy too..
    Get gloves , a mask,and scrubs
  4. Um . . . Hooter's Girl? Where do you work?

    You could do a business suit and a witch's hat (or cat ears and tail).
  5. I :heart: Halloween. My favorite costumes are those that are easy to do but still unique and not likely to be worn by everyone else thus I would never be a schoolgirl and would never let my man dress in drag - unless we were being very specific characters (I have been Strawberry Shortcake and Hermione from Harry Potter in the past and my friend had a drag Janet Reno costume that was great). Here are some of my favorites that are easy to do (most of which I have done). I like to look cute but especially for things like work, I don't want to cross the line. And yes, I know I have a completely dorky sense of humor:

    Dress all in gold (fabulous gold dress preferred) with gold glittery make-up, carry a shovel. You are a gold digger.

    Wear a fitted shirt or tank top that matches your skin tone under a (preferably black) strappy dress. Only wear one strap on your shoulder and leave the other hanging exposing your shirt. You are Tara Reid.

    Fabulous evening gown + tiara + home-made sash = Miss America. Or get more creative - for example, give yourself big hair, wear a gaudy evening dress and call yourself Ms. New Jersey (and before anyone gets upset, I picked Jersey because I live there now and didn't want to pick on others, just myself).

    Devil ears + fabulous clothes (Prada wear possible) + bag with obvious Prada logo = The Devil Wears Prada

    Tie a large decorative bow around yourself and either write on a white T-shirt or make a tag out of sturdy paper and on the T-shirt or tag write "TO: Men, FROM: God" - You are God's gift to men.
  6. Ok so i spend all day at the mall. And i couldn't find anything. I was just hooked on the correction officer. So i went to lover's lane. After i spend all day for about 6 hours. I ended up wearing my first choice LOL. I hate when i do that.

  7. Wow those are some really good idea's. I wish i would of went on my computer first. Before going out to the mall.

  8. I work at M.A.C.
  9. One year, my brother ripped up a bunch of cereal boxes, pinned them to his clothes and added fake blood. He was a Cereal Killer.

  10. Or they could just do this:

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