1. My daughter will be Ann Boleyn, My Husband Napoleon, and my son Ben Hur Nickelodeon our dog will be a tiger, I will be Cleopatra.
    We host a party every year, we decorate the whole house so it looks like a haunted castle.

    Plus my daughter's School will be hosting a Halloween Parade. SO .....

    Are your trick or treating with the kids ? Are you dressing up ?

    Do you celebrate Halloween. ?

    What's the plan ?

    Have a safe & Happy Halloween Everyone:upsidedown:

  2. Great Piccie Babe! (I think the dog needs the dentist, one of his teeth is slightly out of alignment :lol: )

    In the UK, Halloween is still nowhere such as big a deal as in the States, but it is much more popular than ever before.

    My daughter is lucky enough to attend a school that looks just like Hogwarts in Harry Potter, we have a party there this weekend on Friday the 13th!!

    I am going as Morticia Addams, hubby is a scary count, Elli-Rose is the corpse bride and Mia is a fire witch :biggrin:

    Happy Halloween everybody too :biggrin:
  3. I'm taking my son trick or treating he will be going as Superman. I don't dress up for it but we'll just be going around the neighborhood. Can't wait he loves Halloween! And I love the treats LOL!
  4. ^LOL! I have a pumkin carving Halloween party every year..My house is TOTALLY decorated inside and out.I love Halloween!SO MUCH FUN!
    My daughter is gonna be A bottle of ketsup and her best friend is gonna be a bottle of mustard..LOL..were trying to get PHH to be a hotdog..but he refuses...HEE!HEE!
  5. ^^ Excellent!!:yahoo: :lol:
    Pics after Halloween please Prada's meadow!:flowers:

    I always celebrate Halloween as it's both my son's and my niece's birthdays! Double trouble!:nuts:

    We usually carve a pumpkin, get our son dressed up in some ghoulish outfit, give to trick-or-treaters and hang up other various spooky bits and bobs around the house.:smile:
  6. just read what I wrote about my husband, read it abit to quickly lol! Just wanted everybody to know that he is a scary COUNT !! ;)

    HE HE HE!!!
  7. LOL:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Hahaha the costume's sound awsome

    My daughters friend will be a jilted bride, I couldnt stop laughing when she told me.:roflmfao:
  9. WOO HOO!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! We decorate the house in/out every yr! We also make a point each yr. to buy a new Halloween Decoration. Last wk. we bought a hanging bat for the outside porch and also 2 big, hairy spiders.

    Inside we have a life size skeleton laying on our couch, a frankenstein head, plastic pumpkins that light up, some spiders, and a few other things.

    We will be taking our kids trick or treating. Then it's back home for some SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!! We do this every year! Love SCARY MOVIES!! Popcorn, candy, etc.!!

    The whole October/Halloween/Weather thing....LOVE IT!! Love the cool weather..How it gets gloomy out...All spooky-like! The leaves fall colors. Love going to the Pumpkin Patch and picking out pumpkins. Thinking of a COOL Pumpkin face to carve, etc. Just don't like all the pumpkin guts...EWWW! :yucky: But other than that...Love the whole Halloween thing!

    Forgot to mention...

    btw...my husband and I don't dress up....Although Dh has a few times in the past....He likes to wear his "Michael Myers" mask and carry around this big fake butcher knife, and wear his dark blue jumpsuit. He's worn that a few times when we go trick or treating..I'm like, "You're gonna scare the kids.." He just laughs. He's like..."I should go drive around the neighborhood w/ this on.." LOL!!

    He already took his mask out in case he decides to wear it. :yes:
  10. Growing up In England we celebrated Bonfire night, I miss the toffee apples and the sparklers:crybaby:
  11. I like the idea of the scary movies haven't done it yet myself , because I'm such a scaredy cat in real life !!! :nuts:
  12. oooh, and not forgetting the mulled wine ;)
    cant have a bonfire party without Baked potatoes and mulled wine :biggrin:
  13. :girlsigh: Love England :heart:
  14. Ya, you should give it a try. It's alot of fun!! :yes: LOL sometimes we run out of scary movies to look at...so we just put on some of the classics.."Halloween", "Texas chainsaw massacre", "The Exorcist", "Amityville Horror", "Nightmare on Elm Street"....but the last few yrs. it's just been "Halloween".

    So this yr. I'm hoping to break away from our usual and try something new. But I must admit...I LOVE watching "Halloween" ON..Halloween night!! So....LOL knowing me...we'll probably watch it again! So perhaps, "Halloween" and something else..Hmm...
  15. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is right up my ally