1. Are you dressing your pets up?!?! I am, Guinness is going to be a vampire. PetCo is also having a Costume Contest and she will be entered. Ill post a pic later on when she tries on her outfit! :nuts:
  2. Yes, Millie, the black and tan doxie will be a big spider and Casey the red doxie will be a scorpion...My mom is making some killer costumes.
  3. Rosie is going to be a big pumpkin.
  4. My older dog, never tolerated the costumes we would try to put on her, but perhaps our puppy will! We do try to dress them up to get into the spirity of things.
  5. I wanted to dress my dog up as a pumpkin but Target didn't have her size. I ended up getting a lady bug costume for her. Target has a few costumes for $7.99/each, great price!
  6. I'm going to put Dookie in a bumble bee costume, complete with wings and antanae. It was supposed to match mine (I was also a bumble bee) but it was waaaaay too big for the Dookster last year.

    As for Elvis...I may just buy a sock with pumpkins/bats/skulls on it and cut holes for him. Nothing is small enough for the little guy!
  7. If I pickup my new dog this weekend, it is definitely getting a costume. However, I will not be dressing up my parrot, this year or any other year. She would NOT be pleased -> :mad: