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  1. What was your favorite Halloween costume?

    A couple years ago, I went as a female pimp. I had the black velvet coat and hat (with purple lapels) and I had the jewel topped cane. (I tried to do the fake pinkie nails but they fell off. I DID do the medallion, though.)

    Hehe . . . I rocked the feather boa.

    If children asked, I said I was the Mad Hatter. (That was the 'safe' answer).
  2. I was a female mobster last year!! Im looking for an outfit this year!!!
  3. i was a witch last year...my daughter was the princess lol.
  4. I went through a few costumes last year- typical for me as Halloween is my favorite holiday!

    I was a fallen angel, strawberry shortcake and a playboy bunny :graucho:
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