1. Has anyone seen it yet? Thinking about going today. I'm a big fan of the original Halloweens and I'm hoping they don't completely change stuff or mess it up. But Rob Zombie does some pretty amazing horror movies so I'm gonna be optimistic about this one.
  2. I really had no interest in seeing this until I saw someone on tv talking about it with Rob Zombie. From what I understand about this remake is that the first hour really gets into why Michael Meyers became who the killer he was. He starts off torturing small animals and such. Then moves onto humans. He also gets a fascination with masks and costumes. They show from very early childhood to mid teens. Then the second half is the usual with killings. Of course it is Rob Zombie so expect a lot of gore. The little boy playing him as a child totally looks creepy!! Anyway, I will probably see it in the next week or so.
  3. ^^Ooh, thanks for the info! I was wondering about that because on the previews I was confused wondering what some of the scenes were. Yeah, I'm sure the gore factor will be quite high... House of 100 Corpes and Devil's Rejects were pretty intense. I saw a pic of the little boy... you're right, totally scary looking!! Let me know how it is if you happen to see it first.
  4. I bet it's going to be really scary and gory since Rob Zombie is in charge LOL. Nothing can compare with the classic w/Jamie Lee Curtis if you ask me, but I'll probably check it out regardless. I am addicted to the Halloween movies and am into it now since fall is almost here! Another reason I want to see it is because Jamie is in the new one all grown up! She plays a totally different character though.
  5. OOOOO. I wanna see this!!!
  6. I watched it online a few days ago. It's nowhere as near as good as the original, and the girl who plays laurie is so god damn annoying you just want to slap her.
  7. I saw it on opening night. There were actually a bunch of freaks in the movie theater wearing Michael Myers costumes and masks!

    My favorite all time movie was the original Halloween, so I had to see this one. (I've seen every Halloween movie at least 20 times, so this one was a must see.)

    Here's my take on it. The original was MUCH better. This was typical Rob Zombie with a lot of gore, nudity, etc. The "normal" Rob Zombie characters had a part in this movie, like his wife, the clown from House of a Thousand Corpes, etc. Zombie's wife (or girlfriend, whatever she is) plays Michael's mom. This movie DOES show Michael growing up, and how he tortured/killed small animals, etc.

    What I liked about this movie was that it had the same characters as the original (like Dr. Loomis, Lori Strode, Annie, etc.) It even had a lot of the same exact quotes from the original (What's the boogie man, etc.)

    While I DO love Rob Zombie movies, I have to say that the original was much better.
  8. hmm. i thought it was okay. alittle funny but not very scary...