Halloween Wedding Clutch

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  1. Hi Girls! This is my first post on the bags forum.. I'm usually over on The Glass Slipper but am really enjoying myself over here so far!

    ANYWAY, the purpose of this post is to get some opinions on this clutch I found. It's MARC by Marc Jacobs. I am having my wedding on Halloween of next year and wanted to have something reminiscent of the holiday. What do you ladies think about this clutch? For some reason it really gives me a Halloween feel and I just wanted to see if it did that for anyone else!

  2. I've not seen that bag. Reminds me of prada. What color is it? I can only see the pic in black and white. Your puppy is SOOOO cute, by the way!
  3. The clutch is great! I think Valentino also has a similar style.

    What's puppykin's name?? So adorable. :heart:
  4. It's a pewter/silver metallic color with black netting. I'm debating on using it for the night before's rehearsal dinner or the actual day of the wedding itself, but I really love it either way!

    And thanks for the puppy comment :flowers:
  5. His name is Chomper... named after the T-rex in The Land Before Time! hehe
  6. OOoooh Valentino has a similar style? I would love to see that, although I bet this one is a fraction of the price. I already dropped FAR too much money on my wedding shoes, so I need to play it a little more conservatively with the purse :P
  7. I like it, and it does evoke a "Halloween" feeling. As far as using it the night before, or the actual day of--I vote for both! Since that bag is not an "everyday" type of bag, take every opportunity you have to use it. It is a great bag!
  8. The clutch is beautiful...and your puppy is even more gorgeous!

    Congrats on your wedding!
  9. Grace123: Ooooh yeah that Valentino one is stylin'! A little bit out of my price range, though. Although I do say that after I had to REALLY, SERIOUSLY sit myself down and talk myself out of this gorgeous piece of work:


    I saw it in the NM catalog and almost died. The black and gold would both work. Sigh.

    alexis: You are right.. why only use it once?? It makes a lot more sense to use it both days, especially since it's such a special occasion clutch.

    No Cute: Thank you for the wedding congrats! It's not til 2009 but I like to plan ahead (obviously). And yes, the pup is the cutest thing I may have ever seen. Hehe. He'll be 8 weeks old this week!
  10. I think that clutch is totally awesome for a Halloween wedding.

    As for when to carry it, will you have the hands to carry that plus a bouquet? Or is this something you'll give to your MOH or BM to carry? Or is this in lieu of a bouquet?

    Just curious.
  11. I LOVE IT!! What a great idea and it shows you have put a lot of thought and detail into every aspect of your wedding. It's so appropriate and it's adorable. I would continue to use it long after the wedding
  12. meggyg8r: I didn't know what to expect from the title of this thread, but upon opening, I must say...

    This Marc by MJ clutch is all kinds of perfect for your Halloween wedding. I actually swooned a little.

    P.S. Your puppy is ridiculously adorable. Is Chomper on CuteOverload yet? Because he should be. What type of dog is he?
  13. huskygirl, I wouldn't be carrying it with me at the actual wedding. I would use it to put my "in case of emergency" stuff in it like bobby pins, safety pins, bandaids, etc. It would then be my purse for the reception because I always have to have stuff with me like chapstick and make-up for touch ups!

    walker, I am a ridiculous planner--I think things over a ton (sometimes far too much) but really get a kick out of planning things, especially when I can come up with some good ideas! I am a huge accessorizer too, and I didn't really want to wear all that much jewelry for the wedding, so I figured a nice purse would be a great accessory for the reception! I know I will be able to use it afterwards too which is really great.

    waitinglife, haha I think people have been shying away from this thread because of the title, I should have named it something else so I would get more responses! I'm so glad you like the bag and think it's perfect. I'm liking it more and more as you girls leave me nice comments! And yes, Chomper is on cuteoverload. He is the cutest dang thing I've ever seen! haha. He is a Boston Terrier.
  14. I LOVE IT! I was, and still am, a goth kid. I adore Halloween. To me, this is a great example "haute goth". It's high end and luxurious with a gothic twist. Go for it!