Halloween Treats

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  1. #1 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    So next week my team at work is having a Halloween themed pot luck.
    I need some great ideas on what to make to take in. So far all I could come up with was Brownie Graveyard, which is brownies, chocolate icing on top, crumbled up oreo ontop of that, and pepperidge farm milano cookies as the tomb stones.

  2. Puking pumpkin is AWESOME!!
    I always do a jello brain and popcorn hands with spider rings.
  3. This is GREAT! Did you all notice the link at the bottom of that site for halloween bento boxes. Adorable!
  4. How do you do popcorn hands?
  5. This might not be as "themed" as you'd like, but I just made some DELICIOUS pumpkin cookies from this recipe (I left off the icing):

    They are moist and soft like cake, and not even that bad for you (because the pumpkin adds a lot of moisture). The only difference to the recipe I would make is to check them at about 12 minutes, because the first batch of mine burned when I baked for the full amount of time.
  6. fill plastic gloves with popcorn. some people put candy corn in the finger holes for nails

  7. Those look yummy. I'll definitely have to try them out. And thanks for the feedback on yours I'll keep that in mind as well.

    And I was told it would be Halloween themed, but when I talked to a few of my other co-workers some are just bringing things like Pumpkin pie, or bread. Just season (fall) treats.