Halloween Pumpkin

  1. Halloween is nigh and to celebrate the night of her kin, witches and demons, Hollywood's scariest stylist, Rachel Zoe, decided to dress up as a Jack O'Lantern: orange, wrinkly skin, toothy smile and a foliage green dress.

    The huge, yellow pendant Zoe sports, is in fact a magical charm that drains young celebrities' life essence, to feed Medusa Zoe.
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I think I'm gonna fall off my chair!!!!
  3. LMAO! OMG That's hilarious!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Well said, she is gross.
  5. she looks like a hag :lol:
  6. She does have that undead, vampire-esque, queen-of-the-night sort of look about her.
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. wow, she looks haggered....
  9. She looks ragged! What happened to her forehead? Is that what damage Botox does after it wears off?!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. LOL! This is hilarious!
  12. LOL
    you would think with all her money she would get botox