Halloween Make Up??

  1. Alright Ladies!!

    Halloween is right around the corner, and I'm comtemplatnig how to do my make up for the occasion. We (fiance and I) are going to be Adam and Eve. (I'm sewing our outfits!) I was just wondering if anyone else was dressing up and if you are, if you've practiced your make up yet?? If you have, can you post em and give any tips on how to make your make up look really dramatic? Thanks!
  2. omg thats an awsome picture! my outfit is similar to that. im trying to have it with sequenced leaves (if i have the time to sew it all) but yes, very similar! :] thanks!
  3. AHHAHAHAAA!! yah, but ya know halloween is a reason to get all dressed up and hoochie-fied. LMAO
  4. i actually changed my mind. i bought all the material to be the flintstones. i didnt have enough time to sew sequences on for the adam and eve costume so that will have to wait for next year!
  5. LOL. I was thinking the same thing, but that makeup is REALLY cool!!!