Halloween - LV style

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  1. Ok, so DH has been hearing me talk obsessively about Louis Vuitton. I'm contemplating my first LV purchase, so I've been talking his ear off about which style/design I should choose for my bag. Last night was Halloween and DH carved our pumpkins before I got to work. There were three...one for DH, one for DS, and one for me. DS got a "Thomas the Tank Engine" pumpkin. Here's the one that DH did for me (sorry it's not a clearer picture...I will try to upload a clearer one when I get home from work tonight):


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  2. haha nice!
  3. Hee hee hee. It's cute!

    Good job. :tup:
  4. cute!
  5. Super cute!
  6. how cute!
  7. Soo cute! Good job!
  8. *HaHa* .... how cute is that. :biggrin:

    Your DH is so sweet and creative.
  9. Cute!
  10. I love it!
    It sounds like something my DH would do.
  11. Love it, my husband did one last year at a party. here is the pic. Obvioulsy his is the LV one in the middle

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  12. Too funny....you're totally obsessed!!!
  13. That's bloody hilarious!
  14. ah haha.......really funny
  15. Too cute!!!