halloween is over......and i thought i could give jack&lucie a rest.....

  1. just when i thought i could give jack & lucie a rest, my much awaited package from Neiman Marcus arrived:yahoo: .......

    i thought it looked so sad on its own so i decided to let him join old jack & lucie....

    care to guess?:idea:
    IMG_0242 (Small).JPG
  2. here he is.....
    with trusty ol' speedy
    IMG_0243 (Small).JPG IMG_0239 (Small).JPG IMG_0241 (Small).JPG IMG_0238 (Small).JPG
  3. hehe that's super cute! ready for christmas already!
  4. So cute :biggrin:
  5. :nuts: That's sooo cute:love: . Congrats! Looks great on your Speedy and now they have a new playmate!:P
  6. That is soo cute with Jack & Lucie! I :heart: it!
  7. sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Omg x 1000, that must be the cutes thing EVER :nuts: I love them all!!
    Juicy charms are adorable.
  9. That looks great with Jack and Lucie.. I love the box it came in...
  10. Awww that's so cute!!

    But isn't Mr. Gingerbread just a little bit scared of Jack and Lucie? :P
  11. very cute :heart::heart:

  12. That is soooo cute! Congrats!:heart:
  13. So cute!
  14. Wow, those are cute!
  15. so cute!
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