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  1. If you're like me then you LOVE HALLOWEEN and everything that goes with it... from decorating, pumpkin patches, to dressing up and my all around favorite HAUNTED HOUSES! I've been going as long as I can remember. We have some pretty good haunted houses in my area, the last one I've been too was the House of Shock, there's a new one that's been out for a while that I have yet to visit but this year is the year I go The Mortuary. It is a haunted house in a real 100 year old haunted New Orleans Mortuary.

    Do you do the haunted house scene or did back in the day, if so share your experiences.
  2. I love Halloween and all the spooky things that go along with it. I am planning on taking a trip up to Salem Mass. this October. Haven't been there in years but can still remember all the great things going on.
  3. I Looooove Halloween! Sadly we have like no good haunted houses here in Houston and the closest one to me, I actually know a few of the youngsters that work there which totally eliminates the scare factor. I do however absolutely love this time of year from the decorating to baking of creepy foods, its awesome! My sisters apartment is actually one of the few in her complex that actually decorates and we go all out every year!
  4. That is a great idea! The DH & I are trying to decide on a trip for just the two of us to go on around this time next year, I'll have to look into that.
  5. We have haunted tours in the French Quarter also, as long as I lived here I never did any until (2) years ago. Then we did it in Octorber on Friday the 13th, it was so fun and very interesting.
  6. Suppose to be going to the Mortuary, the Saturday before Halloween, I'm so excited!
  7. I've also heard of a Haunted house in mississippi that cost $100 to get in and if you make it thru they give you all your money back, but the catch is you have to go thru it alone.
  8. Love halloween too - going to Scarowinds tonight (it's minutes from my house so it's fun, but it's no Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights). Tomorrow, we are going on a ghost walk through town.
  9. Universal Studios "Hollywood" looks like an awesome place to go.
  10. Last year I went to Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind The Walls. It is a haunted house they create in an actual 100+ year old abandoned prison. I know the prison was featured on a Ghost Hunters type show and there have been tons of actual ghost sightings. It was voted the best haunted house in the US. It was very well done. I even went on a daytime tour. The place is creepy any time. Definitely worth the time and money. I will be going on the new flashlight tour of the underground cells and tunnels this year. Can't wait!

  11. Omg, we go there every year with VIP passes...love it! We take our teen and all her friends.one of them was terrified! Lmao
  12. DH and I do Halloween Horror Nights and Howl-o-Scream every year. Howl-O-Scream has a house where, for a separate admission fee, you can walk through alone (or w/2-3 friends) and become part of the story.
  13. Too scary :ninja: