Halloween Costumes!!


I love bags
Sep 13, 2005
What were you, your kids, or friends for halloween? Let's hear the good stuff!! :nuts:

I had too many family problems to get into it all this year, but I want to live vicariously through all of you! :embarasse
Here's a joke...During Halloween I was dressed as a Serial Killer. They can look like anyone. LOL

But really I didn't dress up for it. I don't think I even celebrated it...?

Even when I was very young...we prepared candy for the kids. But that's about it.
I'm not dressing up this year. We don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters. If we did, I'd decorate the house, dress up and answer the door.
In the past I've been a can-can girl, flapper, hippie, Wonder Woman, black cat, and others I can't remember. One year I went to a party dressed up as Courtney Love - I wore a slipdress, ripped pantyhose, a tiara, bad makeup and I carried my guitar.
:biggrin: I'm going to the club liquid in dallas, they are having holloween specials (girls in free!), and if you attend you get to go to some Haunted Halloween scare place, it's in this abandoned apartment place. And I'm going to Target to buy some devil ears, and pitch fork, it's a cheap costume!!!
We live in prime trick-or-treat real estate. We usually get upwards of 200 kids. We get our candy at Costco, LOL!!! I usually carve 4-5 pumpkins each year. Here are this year's:

pseub - Those are so cute! Every time I've carved a pumpkin it's come out so ugly :suspiciou The last time I did one, it was only two days before Halloween and it went bad and made a huge mess on my front porch.

Your kitty pumpkin is my favorite :biggrin:
Yeah, if you live where it's damp, they go bad quickly. We're heading into to a Santa Ana, so that really dries the air out and keeps them from going moldy.

The kitty is my favorite too! :smile: