Halloween Costumes 2007

  1. Is anyone dressing up this year for Halloween?
    It'll be fun to hear what others are dressing up as. This year I'm going to dress up as Wednesday Addams here at the office and for the Trick or Treaters.
    It would be great to post pics too.
  2. Oooh Wednesday sounds fun, you'll have to take pictures!

    I have no idea what I'm being! I wasn't planning to go out.. but now I am. Haven't got a clue what to wear, don't think I have time to order a costume! & only one costume shop here so it's probably empty by now!

    I think I need to go as something that relys heavily on makeup & not so much the costume! Any ideas?
  3. Yes! I'm going to be a cop ;)!!
  4. If that's you in your avatar I have a suggestion. It's a little silly though.
    Wear a black and white prison costume with some killer stilleto heels, great jewelry, and a beautiful bag. Put a cute stuffed doggie in your bag and wear some great oversized designer sunglasses... Pose alot with your hands on your hips and Viola! You are Paris Hilton.:shame:
  5. I really want to be Amy Whinehouse. I need to find a wig though. I have tons of costumes. I have the shopaholic costume below, but I don't know if I am going to wear it.
  6. Cute ideas everyone! I want to dress up too, but I dunno what to be yet. I guess I'd better figure it out soon.

    I'd love to be a cop since hubby is one! :graucho:

    This would be cute....I could have fit into it last year, but now, not so much....:sad:
  7. well were having a joint 19th/halloween party in my flat for my flatmates 19th birthday! and its fancy dress ofcourse!

    i was going to be a punk or something but i decided to buy some netted material and some shiny material and black shimmery material and make myself a witches costume! but im going to be a FAB witch with killer shoes! and a killer tutu and well my top maybe a little ordinary but shhh! lol im reeeeeeeally excited for it now though lol! going to make it all tomorrow! :biggrin:
  8. I'm going to be a bunny.
  9. I think I'm going to try being a cat..:love: one with huge thighs and a butt! Lol.
  10. oh need some ideas for that....easy to do and cheap...anyone?
  11. I am going to be a Nun this year.
  12. HAHAHAHAH, that's awesome! I'm SO going to do that now, haha thanks!!
  13. We are going to a party and DH is going as Borat and I'm going as his sidekick Azamat. "If" i can get it done, toddler is going to go as the bear. My older son (11) is going as a gorilla. We always have a lot of fun for halloween!
  14. See my avatar :smile: Holly Golightly! My first non-sexy Halloween costume in years! LOL. I usually go as a cat or a mouse or something. I've got my homecoming tiara, my grandmother's pearls, a cigarette holder, the quintessential little black dress, gloves-- it's going to be fab!
  15. Halloween is going to be amazing..I know a lot of people are going as spice girls..

    Anyone want to try out this outfit????
    Best Costume EVER.jpg