Halloween Costume Help, re: Pulp Fiction & "gluing" something to myself?

  1. Hey all. I have a totally random request for help.

    My Halloween costume has me stumped. I'm being Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, and the main part of my costy is the huge syringe sticking out of my chest (you all remember the adrenaline shot scene?). Thing is, I can't figure out how to attach it! The people working at the Halloween stores were little to no help.

    I did get a suggestion of super gluing the syringe to a fake wound, then attaching the wound to my chest with Spirit Gum. I bought all the supplies, only to realize that the wound is super flimsy and probably won't hold to my chest with the plastic syringe attached.

    So.. does anyone have any helpful hints? Lol, I know this question is out there, but I had to come to tpf!
  2. LOL I have NO idea how to do it but the idea is fantastic! Good Luck!
  3. Great idea! Attach the plastic part of the syringe to a strap. Wear the strap around your chest and have the plastic part sticking out of your top (or shirt).
  4. Haha, thanks!

    There's a ginormous costume/theatrical store that's open all year round in the city, so I may have to wander down there to see if they might have an idea.

    And good idea with the strap! I have to try that. =)
  5. That part of Pulp Fiction freaks me out so bad!!! :blink:

    I do know of something that might be perfect, but I don't know if you'd be able to get ahold of it without a RX... 3M makes these bandages called Tegaderm. It's a big clear sticker made for holding catheters in place (for IVs, insulin pumps, etc). They are so sticky and so strong, they can be painful to remove. But, they're thin and breathable and completely transparent. Then there's these prep pads called IVPrep or SkinTAC, it's basically an alcohol wipe that leaves your skin sticky. It makes the tegaderm stick even better.

    I was thinking, you could hot glue the syringe to the wound, cut a small hole in the tegaderm for the syringe and then place the tegaderm on top of the whole thing, to keep it on your skin. It sounds more complicated than it would actually be, I promise lol! :upsidedown:
  6. This this pic is kinda gross, but it shows what tegaderm looks like on the skin. I did a search and it was the least gross one where you could actually see how invisible they are...
  7. Or maybe get an inexpensive push-up bra and attach the syringe to the left cup above the heart.