Halloween Chanel Run


Sep 13, 2005
So while everyone was out getting candy on Halloween in Waikiki, I was out getting my own piece of candy. My SA snagged me the last white 2.55 model 227 in white that they had in the back. Stock is really low. Just thought I would share the joy with you guys since you guys helped me out with the choice soooo much! :love:






Here is a pic to show you people the size. Its a lot larger than it looks. I got the second to the largest, the jumbo is just HUGE!:weird:
Also, some chick said she was suspicious that I might be making returns, which is crazy because LV and Fendi don't accept returns :lol: but anyway, in case anyone here was suspicious that I may have returned a bag I bought recently to buy this one, this should put your mind at least a little at ease lol. I swear, people get pissed over the lamest ****!:wacko:

Noriko I'm gald you went with the Chanel! What a wonderful Halloween treat for yourself!!

I'm sure most of us are totally envious of your bag collection, whoever accused you of just buying and returning is just jealous! If they are talking about the Fendi Spy in peanutbetter that you returned, you stated that it was DEFECTIVE and hello who is going to keep a brand new designer bag that is not absolutly perfect! Also as you live in Hawaii there are probably only a few stores that sell the high end bags, and I'm sure if you were buying a new bag and returning it the next week all of the SA would know you and you would'nt be able to keep buying them! We all know how snotty and rude those darn SA can be!

Even though I personally can't afford to buy the number of high end designer bags that you do, (and probably never will as instead of getting a nice paycheck from a professional job,which I had for several years, I choose to volunteer my time to help animals in need!) I appreciate you sharing your collection and knowledge with us! I have learned so much about purses the last few month coming here.

So Noriko, keep buying, keep sharing and don't buy fur!
^^^yeah, I really have nothing to prove to random people on the net due to "suspicion" :lol: I mean I post a bag here and there, hell even a few, but I don't have the kind of time it takes to deal with special requests for a collection post. Just not going to happen due to how my bags are stored, but people seriously do NOT understand that!!!! Oh well!

hehe it is an awesome Halloween treat! :biggrin: I love the the color, the size, just everything about it. Also, in case it can't be seen from the pics, the handles are adjustable sort of, so they can be worn really long, or half the size. I can also see it being a clutch when the handles are tucked in, I can use it for everything! :biggrin: Sorry, I'm excited! I have the Red Party coming up on Sunday and this is just perfect for it!
Noriko, I LOVE that spy bag. I went to the Fendi store the other day to see one in person. I was so depressed when i left. I didnt realize how much I would love it.

Thanks for getting me onto fendi. Maybe ONE DAY I'll be able to afford a spy bag......hopefully they won't stop making them by then....ha ha :biggrin:

I saw the smaller spy too and that was a more reasonable price for me but the larger one is sooooo much better.
^^^totally agree. The larger has soo much more character! I was thinking of the spy hobo because I like shoulder bags, but my SA assured me that it didn't look as good as the classic spy. They are just so beautiful! I hope you get one too :biggrin: You're safe until at least next season...and those colors are supposed to be awesome!