Halloween Candy Safety for Dogs!

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  1. Don't know if something like this has been posted yet, but I thought it would be useful for all the dog owners on here.

    Chocolate and raisins are especially toxic to dogs so Fido should be nowhere near these snacks. These foods may be innocent to humans but your dog could experience kidney failure or worse.

    Rest of the piece here:

  2. He's not going to poisoned by one chocolate. It depends on the chocolate, but only from 1kg of milk chocolate it's toxic and who will give their dog 1kg of chocolate, but I understand what you mean.
  3. Yeah, nobody's going to give their dog 1 kg of chocolate.

    I guess the point of all this is: to be on the safe side, don't let your dogs near your Halloween candy.

    Here's a more detailed article about dogs and chocolate:

  4. My friend's dog ate one bucket of chocolate and did not get food poisoning, but since then he became an obese dog.. I wouldn't want my dogs to be obese, so yes I will keep em away from chocs!!