Halloween anyone?!

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  1. Wasnt sure where to post this, but I decided that the beauty bar would be the most appropriate place. I placed this here because Im hoping the discussion is more revolved around costumes, hair and make up... than handing out candy and children. lol I also searched for a Halloween thread and didnt see any.

    I know its like two months away, but Im bored and it seems like so much fun right now. Im not usually one to obsess over Halloween, but I always look forward to it. I like to get dressed up, throw on a costume and some crazy make up. Plus I always like to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas on costumes, hair, make up etc. Maybe we can help each other brainstorm and whatever..

    So what are you going to be this year? Or atleast would like to be... heehee
  2. So I will start.. haha

    I dont know why but I want to be Rainbow Brite this year.. lol sooo old school. But it seems like a fun costume. I think Im going to make my own costume rather than buy one though.. Im not going for the slutty look. lol I think Im leaning towards an anime look. OMG and those weird big eye'd contact things would be so perfect for this costume.

    As for the makeup, i still havent thought about it, but i know its going to be very brite and colorful. with big false lashes lol i also wanna put in some colored hair extensions too.. probably the easy clip in kind.
  3. I don't do Halloween. lol!
  4. ^ what!? how can you not do halloween grace!?

    its like the funnest holiday.. minus the ones where you get presents. lol
  5. We pass out candy sometimes, but we don't get a lot of kids here because it's kind of like a big private area. but if I am at my old house which we sometimes go to now and then, there are lots of kids. :smile:

    I think it would be cool to do halloween makeup for people!!! there's so many cool things you could do. falsies sounds like a great idea. you can do totally out there ones. that would normally make you look like a drag queen or something o_o :P
  6. I usually go to a Halloween party w/ friends (weekend before), but haven't decided on my costume just yet. I love history so might be Marie Antoinette or something similar. I don't dress up Halloween night, my son wants to be batman or a stormtrooper/jedi, something star wars related though LoL I want to do him as the joker for school, would be such a fun makeup project!!:smile:
  7. last year my friend was a totured child [shes a odd one lol her makeup was amazinggg. omg. lol]

    and i was a skull like person lol
  8. i wish i was still young enough to go trick-or-treating:P i stopped going a couple of years ago:sad: i remember for one Halloween i was a devil, and i got these red-sparkly false lashes, like half the houses i went to complemented me on them, even though i looked ridiculous:P i guess thats sort of the point of Halloween though
  9. sadly, I haven't celebrated Halloween these past few years other than giving out candy. Something always came up; I was out of the country, i was sick, had to work, had to stay home etc.

    But this year, if i can, i wanna go to a halloween party and maybe dress up as a pixie or a bumble bee.

    @Couture Dreams: I'd love to see yr outfit
  10. I love Halloween. Halloween was always my favorite holiday growing up. I also love that day for another reason. I am Wiccan, and October 31st is the New Year, Samhain. It is a time of reflection and a time to honor those who have gone before. Because of this, I have two reasons to celebrate!
  11. I love (and obsess) over Halloween! HUGE party day for me!!!!
    I haven't decided what I will be yet this year, and I'm a little worried! I always make a very detailed costume, so I have to start early gathering materials, sewing, etc.
    I love doing crazy makeup as well. So much fun!
  12. I love Halloween, but usually don't do anything for it accept give out candy. And last year we didn't get any kids cuz we live in an apt. complex. Hopefully this year, someone would be having a halloween party. I would def dress up and go!
  13. I love Halloween! But I never have any good costume ideas, I'm always something stupid. No kiddies come to my house for treats either.
  14. I think I'm gonna be red bull this year .... grab a can of red bull, cheap pair of wings, funky makeup, and I'm set.

    I was flavor flav for a fabulous costume party once and it was great!
  15. Hahah! Me too Grace. I don't do Halloween either.

    Occasionally we'll pass our candy, but our neighborhood doesn't get a lot of kids. Nowadays where I live, lots of kids go to the malls and get candy from store to store because parents feel it's safer at night.